Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Photo Credits: Hugh Jackman's Facebook Page
MANILA, PHILIPPINES. A Facebook post of the X-Men star Hugh Jackman about his meeting with a Philippine TV personality has gone viral with over 45 thousand likes one hour after it was posted in his timeline on Tuesday, September 29. 

In the post, Jackman wrote about his pleasure meeting Marie Lozano from the Philippines whose brother Jeffrey, who has a down syndrome, passed away two years ago. 

"Marie shared with me that one of Jeffrey's joys in life was painting. When he lost the use of his hands, he continued to paint with the brush in his mouth," Jackman shared.

Along with the post is a photo of Lozano side by side with Jackman holding the painting of Wolverine, the character that Hugh Jackman portrays in the X-Men movie series. According to Jackman, the piece was one of Jeffrey's works. 

"I accept this gift in Jeffrey's honor. May his spirit live on," Jackman said to end his post. 

Marie Lozano is a star patroller at ABS-CBN's TV Patrol. She covers news about famous celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry. 

The post has since been shared more than 900 times as of posting time.

Read the original post below.

Today I had the great pleasure of meeting this lovely lady, Marie Lozano, from the Philippines. Her brother, Jeffrey had...
Posted by Hugh Jackman on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


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