Saturday, September 19, 2015

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HONGKONG. A Filipina domestic helper was charged guilty of knowingly misleading a police officer after she denied that a baby she brought to an NGO was hers. 

Mary Ann E. Pineda was convicted and was handed two weeks imprisonment but was suspended for one year at the Eastern Magistrate's Court in Hong Kong on September 9.

One year suspension means that if Pineda does not commit any crime in the next 12 months, she will not have to serve the jail sentence.

On February 26, Pineda brought a newborn child to Mother's Choice - an NGO that helps unwed mothers and children without families claiming that the baby belongs to her friend. 

After police investigation, she later confessed giving birth to the baby girl the day before at her employer's residence at Baguio Villa, Fok Fu Lam and admitted she did not tell her employer out of fear that she would get fired from her job. 

Aside from the "bloodied belongings" that the police found in Pineda's room, a DNA test also confirmed that she is the mother of the child.

Pineda, who has two children in the Philippines aged 10 and 5, confessed cutting the umbilical cord of the baby herself using her nursing training. 

"This is an unfortunate case of born of fear and confusion. Her thoughts on that day were muddled. She's extremely remorseful," Pineda's lawyer told the court, Hong Kong News reported. 

Pineda plans to return to the Philippines once she receives the birth certificate of her child since she has already been terminated by her employer.


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