Wednesday, September 2, 2015

NAYPYIDAW, MYANMAR. The Save the Children flood relief efforts for Myanmar launched by Facebook at the height of the flooding and landslides that affected at least 1 million in July and August has raised more than $900,000 USD, according to a statement. 

"There isn't a Like button big enough to express how grateful we are at Save the Children. With the money you donated, plus Facebook's matching contributions, we've been able to deliver immediate, life-saving essentials to the children and families in Myanmar most devastated by the floods", Kelly Stevenson, the Country Director of Save the Children Myanmar said in the acknowledgment sent by Facebook to its donors. 

"Your generosity has helped us make significant progress toward our goal of providing critical services to 60,000 people, including 24,000 children," she added. 

Devastation on a massive scale

In July and August, heavy moon soon rains and Cyclone Komen caused severe flooding in Myanmar that affected twelve of the country's 14 states. The flooding which was known to be the worst in decades  killed more than a hundred and displaced at least one million people including 390,000 children. 

In a report from Myanmar's  Ministry of Agriculture, more than 1.29 million acres of farmland have been submerged in flood waters and 687,200 acres have been damaged. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 15,239 houses were destroyed.

Aside from farmlands and houses, the floods also damaged roads, rail tracks and bridges and closed more than 2,000 schools. 

What your donations have accomplished so far

The Facebook statement said the relief workers have responded to the needs of just under 5,000 people in the Rakhine State and in Magway, two of the most affected regions. Teams have handed out hygiene supplies and kits of basic household materials to more than 2,250 people. In addition, tarpaulins were also distributed to families to create makeshift shelters. The group has also given away bottled water and soap and provided more than 500 families with water purification tablets.

Recovery efforts are still underway

Facebook said the Save the Children will continue to support Myanmar's long-term recovery by helping families regain lost income, and by providing financial assistance to health, safety, emotional, and educational needs of the children. It added that the need for global support will continue for many months to come.

For those who are still willing to extend their help, they can still make a donation by clicking here: DONATE.


  1. What a beautiful thing. Facebook really has grown a lot in the years, it's nice to know they always give back.

  2. You can really see the power of social media when it comes to helping others no matter where you're from. Stories like this really warms the heart.

  3. this is great that this much has been raised for such devastating event. nice to know theres always nice people

  4. facebook has been doing great on these charities. sharing blessings is whats important

  5. definitely a case of putting the power of social media to very very good use! other than extending monetary aid, do remember to keep Myanmar in your prayers too.

  6. Wow, it's incredible how people get together and donate for a common good cause via Facebook. Natural disasters happen everywhere and there are more victims including children. It's a kind gesture to help them through donations.

  7. Wow, just like how it went for us when Haiyan devastated Visayas. I do hope Facebook keeps checking on the progress and allocation of its donations to maximize it.

  8. Social media can really be a big help nowadays. It is very nice to hear that it actually helped so much people especially the children.

  9. I saw this on facebook and they are actually doing great to creating awareness and with so many users it is great.