Monday, September 14, 2015


PHITSANULOK, THAILAND. A high school dance troupe from Batangas City wowed audiences in Thailand recently.

Indak Bambino Folkloric Group, a folk dance group of Casa del Bambino Emmanuel Montessori in Anangilan, Batangas City came to Phitsanulok, Thailand on September 7 to 10  to perform before Thai audiences as part of the Educational and Cultural Exchange Agreement between Casa del Bambino Emmanuel Montessori and Princess Chulabhorn's College of Phitsanulok. 

The troupe gave impressive performances in two venues - Princess Chulabhorn's College of Phitsanulok and Saint Nicholas School where the group generated admiration from the students, teachers, parents and members of the Filipino community in Phitsanulok province. 

"Seeing the students impressed by the projection and artistic skill of the performers also gave us pride as Filipinos," Fedelita Doysabas, a Filipino teacher at Saint Nicholas School, said. "I'm glad this group came to Thailand to give us an authentic experience of Pinoy performance and for making us proud of our Filipino culture," Danilo Ocapan, a member of the Phitsanulok Filipino council, added. 

The dance repertoire

The show was highlighted with three segments featuring the different influences of the Philippine folk dance: Maria Clara Suite, Muslim Suite, and the Rural/Countryside Suite.

In the Maria Clara Suite, the troupe presented Spanish and Mexican-influenced dances called Paso Doble, Komintang and Jota Intramurenia where the performers displayed extraordinary grace and charm of Filipino dancers.

The Muslim Suite showed the rich culture of Mindanao region in the Philippines through the dancers' elaborate and colorful costumes. The troupe performed Royal War Dance, Muslim Courtship Dance, Malong Dance, and the most-applauded Singkil Dance.

The Rural Suite showcased three famous Philippine traditional dances: Binasuan, a popular dance from Pangasinan danced with three glasses placed on both hands and on the forehead; Subli, a religious folk dance with one to four pairs of dancers executing simple to complex dance figures to honor the Holy Cross and; Tinikling, the best-known dance in the Philippine history that mimics the struts of Tiling bird as it hops between rice stalks. 

Indak Bambino Folkloric Group

Now on its second year, Indak Bambino has gained recognition not only in school and community affairs but also in the national scene as it takes active part in Pasinaya, a gathering of dance troupes all over the Philippines. 

Mr. Peter John M. Caringal is the choreographer of the troupe.

Watch a video of the troupe's performance of Singkil. 

Photos: Mr. PJ Caringal's FB Page. Video: Mr. Danilo Ocapan


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