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HEALTH ZONE. How do we achieve that perfect body? This is far from being a million-dollar question. The answer is easy: work out, hit the gym, sweat out. Making the first step is the most difficult, though. So, how about a dose of inspiration?

Sadra Yaghoobi, 22, originally from Ankara, Turkey and now a Malaysia-based free-lance ramp and print ad model, shares how he perfected that sculpted model body. He has done several print-ads including the Tourism Malaysia campaign and has walked in international runways for leading brands of haute couture for men while doing fitness instructions on the sides. 

  • Can you tell us briefly about yourself?
I'm Sadri. I'm 22, and I have Computer Science degree from the University of Science Malaysia (USM). I have been working as a fitness instructor for six years and doing international modelling stints for three years now.

  • How did you develop such a great body shape?
When I was 15, I started to do wrestling to develop a stronger body. After one year, I began to do fitness to gain weight, and I gained 20 kg in 12 months from 54kg to 74 kg. Then I got addicted to it as I saw the results and receiving full support from my parents and my relatives. After another year, I started to develop more muscles, and I gained another 10kg totaling about 85kg. 

I maintained my workout and weight for another six months, and I begun to do the fat burning program for six months later. My program worked, and I lost 10kg and I have maintained my weight until now with a strict diet and consistent workout routine. 

  • What inspired you to start?
When I was a kid, I used to draw muscular heroes in my notebook, and as they say, your imagination will become your reality. But what actually inspired me to start was my dream of having a fit body and get a beautiful body shape as I saw in some Marvel heroes I used to watch as a kid.
  • How often do you workout?
As I have a packed schedule, I try to go to the gym as much as I can but totally between 3-5 times a week. I will workout each time for at least 2 hours, so it makes 6-10 hours a week and 24 to 40 hours a month.

Discipline is number one. For anyone who wants to get the best body, discipline must come first because only that can fight laziness. Laziness is our biggest enemy. However, if you are disciplined, no matter what and how, you will wake up early, you will eat right, you will work out and you WILL get your results eventually.
Sadra, 2nd from right, models for one of Malaysia's top designers - Randy Goh's creation. (1st from right).
  • What is your workout routine?
I do exercise for chest and triceps, shoulders, biceps, back and legs. Note: At the end of each day of working out, I do my full abs workout.

Every time I step into the gym, I will see what my body needs to do for that day. If I feel like I need to train my shoulders that day, I will do shoulder for sure. It is like listening to what my body tells me.
  • What does your diet consist of?
Protein (sea foods, chicken, egg and meat); veggies (salad with olive oil); Fruits (king of all fruits - apple, carrot, banana and strawberry); Carbs  (oatmeal); Dairy Products (two glasses of milk daily and yogurt before I sleep)

Note: Plus, drinking lots and lots of water up to 8-10 liters per day.

  • Do you listen to music while working out?
That's a big YES from me!
  • Do you have any favorite hit to listen during a workout?
I usually listen to the club songs that will automatically energize me and make me hyper during my workout. I should say that my work out without music and water is incomplete.
  • Do you have any favorite or personal quote you'd like to share?
If you want to change your body, you need to change your mind first because what your mind believes your body follows. Work smart and never give up and always remember; there are no short-cuts, so you need to work for whatever you want to get.
  • How do you maintain self-confidence and self-esteem?
Every time I finish my workout sessions, I feel fresher and stronger, and it makes me feel splendid about myself. That's where my self-confidence and my self-esteem come from.

(Taking lots of selfies also helps me to become more confident, too! LOL! Just kidding!)

  • What advice can you give to anyone who would like to develop a body like yours?
Discipline is number one. For anyone who wants to get the best body, discipline must come first because only that can fight laziness. Laziness is our biggest enemy. However, if you are disciplined, no matter what and how, you will wake up early, you will eat right, you will work out, and you WILL get your results eventually.

Number 2: Never ever give up on your dreams even if sometimes you feel all doors are closed, and you can't find any way to escape or move forward. Remember, the quitter never wins. If you can't find a way, create one.

And number 3, remember that everything is possible, and everyone has the potential to transform their body from fat to fit or from fit to fitter. 

And lastly, be humble and be thankful. Always acknowledge and thank everyone who helped you achieve your goals. Life is a lesson: we must learn this lesson, understand and use those lessons and understandings for your future. Continually develop yourself to be a better person. 

To know more about Sadra Yaghoobi, follow him through Facebook at Sadra Yaghoobi and Instagram at Sadra77.

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  1. I've never really been interested in models or the modeling industry in general. But with regards to the body building/fitness advices he shared during the interview, I am all ears. Who doesn't want to have a knock out body, right?

  2. How inspiring. Fitness is a must!

  3. Discipline really is one of the most important parts of keeping his body fit. I can also apply that to myself, it's just too hard with all the yummy food available!

    1. That's why here in Thailand, most of us Pinoys, instead of getting slimmer - we grow bigger and bigger because of their food!

  4. I must say that you have got a wonderful fitness routine which I believe increase once you have reached a certain target. Discipline is the key word here !

    1. Discipline, and a lot hard work to have discipline.

  5. It needs determination to keep the fitness routine. It isn't easy.

  6. I've never heard of the guy before reading this, but I'll definitely follow him from now on. Aside from having a beautiful physique, his mindset is very encouraging.