Saturday, August 8, 2015


BANGKOK, THAILAND. Foreign teachers seeking to acquire 5-year teaching license in Thailand will now have to submit  a Professional Experience Evaluation Form and an original Transcript of Record (TOR) from their universities, according to a new list of requirements from the Teachers' Council of Thailand (TCT).

The original copy of the Professional Experience Evaluation Form from the TCT office must be filled out and signed by and attached with a copy of the evaluator's professional licenses. 

The list also states that the applicants must ask their university to send an Original Transcript of Records direct to the council's office enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing the institution's stamp. The TOR may be submitted instead of the degree confirmation letter from the university.

In November last year, a letter from the Teachers' Council of Thailand created quite a stir among the country's foreign teacher community. The letter stated that foreigners applying for their teaching permit must obtain a degree verification letter on official document clearly confirming that the applicants have completed their degree to be sent directly to the TCT's office.

With the latest inception, the required supporting papers/evidence for obtaining a 5-year teaching license in Thailand are as follows:

1. A cover letter from the educational institution.

2. Completed Application Form (Form KS 1)

3. A photograph (1 x 1.25 inch) half length, full face; wearing formal clothing without hat and glasses; taken within six months before application submission.

4. Copy of educational background/ degree certificate along with official transcripts

5. Copy of teaching license/certificate from abroad

6. Copy of Translation of non-English or non-Thai documents (translation must be certified by a competent translator and notarized by a notary organization)

7. The original of professional experience verification with not less than one year, clearly identifying the period of teaching.

8. (New Requirement) Original of Professional Experience Evaluation Form (this form must be completed and signed by all evaluators and enclosed with a copy of their professional licenses).

9. A copy of the training course certificates from the institutions approved by the Teachers' Council of Thailand.

10. A copy of all the used pages of the teacher's passport; including the photo page and the present Non- B visa page.

11. A copy of all the used pages of the teacher's work permit.

12. Payment receipt for the fee of 500 Baht.

13. (New Requirement) An original transcript sent to the Teachers' Council of Thailand in a sealed envelope with the institution's stamp. Void if the envelope is opened prior to the receipt. OR

An original official degree confirmation letter for graduates of The letter from the university/college shall be an officially headed paper of the school/university and clearly confirms that you have successfully completed your course, including the classification you receive, the dates of attendance and graduation. This letter must bear an original university/college seal or stamp, and signature of the Registrar sent in a sealed envelope with the university/college's stamp. Void if the envelope is opened prior to receipt. Note: The confirmation letter must be sent to the Teachers' Council of Thailand at Registration and Licensing Bureau, 128/1 Nakhon Ratchasima Road, Dusit, Bangkok, 10300 Thailand.

For further inquiries, the applicants may reach the TCT's office at Telephone Numbers: 02 280 1728 or may visit their office within 8:30 a.m to 16:30 p.m from Monday to Friday except official declared holidays. 


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