Friday, August 28, 2015


THE FILHARMONICS. (L-R) VJ Rosales, Nico Del Rey, Jules Cruz, Joe Caigoy, Trace Gaynor and Barry Fortgang
MUSIC ZONE. If you've seen  Pitch Perfect 2, then you would have probably heard about The Filharmonics. The movie was the sequel to the American musical comedy film Pitch Perfect starring Anna Kendrick that follows the story of a college women's acapella group in their journey towards winning the national collegiate acapella women's champion. It was released in May this year.

The Filharmonics is one of the movie's featured band in the grand finals scene where The Barden Bellas had to compete for the world champion title in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

For us who didn't know yet, The Filharmonics is a real band and not just a made-up group intended for the movie. The group is currently based in Los Angeles whose six members have roots coming from the Philippines.

The group's website tells us that the group started out in friendly chance encounters at singing competitions in college which eventually turned into a harmonious group when they discovered their genuine chemistry, unparalleled love of music, and undeniable musical talents. 

What's amazing is that although they have started to create a name in the music industry in the United States, they have not forgotten their cultural origin. As a matter of fact, the group took credit their strong kinship to their Filipino culture for finding their niche in the musical community.

They have been featured in NBC's hit musical competition, "The Sing-Off" where they made it to the semi-finals.While on the show, they had a chance to perform alongside with Linkin Park, Black- Eyed Peas, and Pentatonix.  Later on, they were to be part of the movie Pitch Perfect 2 which the group considers as just the start of its amazing journey.

The six members of the group are: VJ Rosales - Vocalist; Joe Caigoy - Vocalist; Trace Gaynor - Vocalist; Barry Fortgang - Vocalist; Jules Cruz - Vocal Base and Nico Del Rey - Beat boxer.

In one of the episode of the Late Late Show with James Corden, The Filharmonics has performed with Anna Kendrick and the show's host, James. Watch the acapella showdown below.

And here's the group's acapella version of Sarah Geronimo's Kilometro. 

Check out for more of their acapella versions of latest pop music, latest band updates and schedules at The Filharmonics


  1. Wow! how impressive are these kids! I hope their bond becomes stronger over the years.

  2. Filharmonic reminds me of Kai, another Filipino boyband based in the U.S. except that they didn't record in a capella. I've yet to watch Pitch Perfect 2.

  3. I saw their video with Anna Kendrick a couple of weeks back and thought they were awesome. I didn't know they were Filipinos, I knew they were Asian though haha. They're great singers.

  4. This is so cool. Yup, I remember them from Pitch Perfect 2 but I didn't know that they were real. I hope they come here to perform - it would surely be nice to watch them perform live.

  5. Really? I've watched Pitch Perfect and they were really amazing, but never thought they were FIlipinos. Now I really believe that Filipinos have innate talent as singers. :)

  6. Filipinos are simply world class. Kudos to these guys!

  7. Thank you for clearing the matter up. All along , i thought this Filipino band is just the director's creation. It only showed that the music indistry have high respect for Filipino music artists. BTW, I did have fun watching the film.

  8. They really have a great beat to their music. It's nice that they were able to have their performance in Pitch Perfect 2.

  9. I haven't seen Pitch Perfect 2 but I did hear that these group of guys are Filipinos. Doesn't it make us proud as Pinoys/Pinays that many Filipino artists or talents are being recognized worldwide lately? It just proves that we are very talented and skilled. And I remember an article written by a foreigner before that encourages us (Filipinos) to do our own thing rather than just always following the trend from US and other countries.

  10. Now I remember them by the name but not their looks though.. Its really great to know that fellow Filipinos are making name abroad