Monday, August 31, 2015


PHITSANULOK, THAILAND. A group of Filipino students from Batangas city is currently in the city for their two-month exchange program. 

Eight high school students from University of Batangas arrived in Phitsanulok on August 24, 2015 and will be spending two months at Yannarate Pattana Pittayakom School for their two-month cultural immersion which is part of the International Exchange Program between the two schools. 

On Tuesday last week, Yannarate Pattana Pittayakom School welcomed the Filipino students and teachers from the Philippines in a Thai traditional way. At the welcome dinner, the Filipino students also rendered a famous Philippine Folk Dance called Subli.

"The experience has been very fulfilling so far," Mark Jaiser Juachon, one of the eight students, told "The students in Yannarate school are very nice, cool and very responsible. They are very warm and accommodating", he added.

Teacher Jessica Mae Ylagan, a Filipino teacher teaching English as a Foreign Language at Yannarate School, said the exchange program aims to enhance and develop the English proficiency and communication skills of both the Thai and Filipino students in an international setting. 

The students from Hilltop, Batangas City, are Grade 9 and 10 students under Batangas University's Science Class: Shulamite Pagaduan,15; Mark Jaiser Juachon, 14; Claire Danielle Aguda, 15; Queenie Lorraine Tinaja, 15; Dianna Rose Cometa,14; Christian Dela Cruz, 14; Hazel Anne Magsombol, 15 and Frances Therese Javier,14.

The students will return to the Philippines on October 24.


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