Sunday, August 9, 2015

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Cebu Pacific Air is on fire once again after another 'offloading incident' involving a woman who was supposed to travel headed to Auckland.

According to AB Arcilla  Agulan's Facebook post on August 8, she was supposed to board flight No. 5J7295  from Manila to Sydney with a connecting flight to Auckland on August 7 at 12:05 a.m traveling time. 

Unfortunately, she was asked to present a Transit Visa for her flight something that she never needed in her previous flights with stops at Singapore, Melbourne, and Sydney with less than 8 hours for connecting flights.

Miss Agulan further narrated that she was then escorted by an aviation security to a supervisor of Cebu Pacific ground personnel who informed her that she indeed needed a Transit Visa before she could be checked-in for that specific flight to Sydney. As an explanation, she was told that as a low-cost airline, Cebu Pacific was required by Australian immigration to ask for such document to their passengers.

After searching online to get a Transit Visa, she was able to confirm that she doesn't need one because she won't be staying for more than 8 hours and that she has a connecting flight to Auckland, so she went back to the officers desk to prove that she doesn't need the said visa. As proof, Miss Agulan presented her New Zealand Residency Visa with Multiple Entry along with her itinerary for flight No. JQ2015 via Jetstar going to Sydney then to Auckland on August 8 at 5:00 p.m. 

However, the second attending supervisor informed her that Cebu Pacific was given a separate ruling by Australian Immigration for being a low-cost airline. As the time of closing for check-in drew near, the exasperated Miss Agulan called her sister from Perth, Australia to talk to the attending supervisor.

But this supposedly did not convince the officers to let her check in for her flight. With her third return to the kiosk, she requested for proper documentation about Cebu Pacific's special ruling so  she can apply for a Transit Visa and so she can cancel her flight with Jetstar but nothing was given to her. 

Failed to check in, Miss Agulan was then asked to go to the ticketing office in Terminal 3 to have her flight rebooked where she waited for over an hour to be accommodated due to a long queue.

Miss Agulan also lamented about the inconvenience she experienced for missing her flight, plus the inconvenience of getting a questionable Transit Visa and the inconvenience endured by her relatives who traveled from Nueva Ecija.

But the inconvenience did not end there. For rebooking her ticket, Miss Agulan was told to pay a  fee
of P5,800 for her Cebu Pacific accommodation and no applicable refund for her Jetstar Airline ticket due to cancelation. 


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