Thursday, July 2, 2015

BANGKOK, THAILAND. Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) is currently in hot water after it posted job ad that seemed to discriminate against other universities in Thailand. 

On June 6, SCB posted in its website job vacancies for financial adviser trainees and specifically indicated that applicants must only be coming from 14 identified universities - Assumption, Bangkok, Burapha, Chiang Mai, Chulalongkorn, Khon Kaen, King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Kasetsart, Mae Fah Luang, Mahidol, Prince of Songkhla, Srinakharinwirot, Thai Chamber of Commerce and Thammasart universities. 

On Tuesday, June 30, Rajabhat University System, which has 40 branch campuses from all over Thailand, announced that it will end all its financial transactions with the bank in response to the "discriminatory' job ad. 

The Council of Rajabhat University Presidents of Thailand (CRUPT), Mr. Niwat Klin-Ngam who is also the President of Petchaburi Rajabhat University told Bangkok Post that students who graduated from specified faculties at any university should have equal opportunity, whether they studied at Ramkhamhaeng, Rajabhat or Rajamangala University of Technology. "They should not be discriminated against for enrolling in a 'wrong' university", he said. 

Despite the bank's attempt to downplay the issue by releasing a statement that it will continue to recruit trainees from any university nationwide until the end of the year, heated debate continue to escalate on the social media with comments mostly denouncing the banks recruitment policies. 


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