Monday, July 13, 2015

LOGO. The last SEA Games
 hosted by the Philippines was in 2005.
MANILA, PHILIPPINES. The Philippines is set to host the 2019 South-East Asian (SEA) Games after  the next two countries in line begged  off, said a sports official on Sunday, July 12.

Brunei Darussalam is scheduled to host the next SEA Games happening on 2019 and Vietnam is supposed to host on 2021.

According to Joey Romasanta, spokesman of the Philippine Olympic Committee, Brunei declined because of 'organisational reasons' and Vietnam also asked to pass so the hosting was offered to the Philippines.

Romasanta said though the Philippines have already agreed to host, formalities still have to be complied with.  

"The federation must still issue a formal invitation to the Philippines which the country must accept but in principle, the Philippines is assured of being the venue", he said.

Romasanta also added that due to economic reasons, Philippines will not likely build new sports facilities but will make use of the existing arenas, stadiums, and hotels for the games. 

The former US Airbase of Clark, Pampanga located north of Manila will likely serve as the base of the games, however some games will still be held in other venues but surely not in the country's central islands as it was in the last SEA Games held in the Philippines.


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