Monday, July 6, 2015

BRAND NEW. Chef Celis with his brand new Mitsubishi Strada. 
BACOLOD CITY, PHILIPPINES. When the chef and restaurateur from Bacolod wanted to buy an Isuzu DMAX truck. He was met with cold shoulders by the personnel at Isuzu Bacolod because he was only wearing simple clothing. 

In his Facebook post on July 2 that has now gained attention from the social media Reinhard Celis, also known as Chef Jun Celis was excited to buy the sports car from Isuzu Bacolod but he was not treated the way he should be by the sales people in the said showroom. He was passed on from one sales agent to another. When he decided to approach the front desk officer to ask how much the truck was, he was only given an impolite answer  and was asked to wait for another five minutes. In his disappointment, he asked the guard on duty as to why they do not entertain customers who are only wearing simple clothing but the guard only smiled at him. 

When Chef Celis left the showroom, he called his bank and ordered a Mitsubishi Strada and had it delivered right in his doorstep. 

Chef Celis told The Dailypedia that it seemed to him that the agents in Isuzu were not interested at him because of what he wore that day - a shirt, paired with shorts and a pair of unbranded slippers. 

Now, that's another case of "Do not judge a book by its cover".


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