Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Of course we are very familiar with these five Visayan-speaking Americans Connor, Davis, Jake, Tyland and Sumner. These are the guys who make series of You Tube videos under the name "Hey Joe Show" using the Visayan  dialect.

As of this posting, their You Tube channel has already gained tens of thousands of followers and viewers and gets daily doze of messages from Filipino fans all around the globe. Who would not be enamored by them? Think of this: Five young Americans sing Christmas carols, do "Harana", dance, broadcast news all in fluent "Bisaya". Awesome, right? Not only that, their channel as they put it is a celebration of Filipino culture spoken in Bisaya - the indigenous language of the people they served in their two-year missions in the Visayas region. 

Here's the exciting part: "Hey Joe Show" is actually going back to the Philippines on April 24 to May 6. Yes, you got that right! Connor, Davis, Jake, Tyland and Sumner are set to return to the place of their mission to reunite with the people and the culture that has left indelible marks in each of their hearts. Their "come back" is not without a bang as they promise to expand their viewer base and continue to make wholesome entertainment for Filipinos both in the Philippines and those who are abroad.  

Watch their big announcement here:

Exciting, isn't it? You can also help funding this trip for them. You can send in your donations by clicking the link below:

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