Thursday, February 26, 2015

Like any other OFW, my biggest fear is to go home to the Philippines years from now with nothing but my old tired self. No savings. No investments. Nothing. 

It's scary but it can actually happen. I've read a number of heartbreaking stories of many Filipino overseas workers who spent most of their lifetime years away from their family to earn more for the purpose of providing a better life for them but ended up with nothing when they return. There's no need to mention that while away from home these workers have endured numerous struggles of homesickness;  discrimination;  physical, mental and emotional tortures from their abusive employers. Some even unfortunately come home inside a coffin if worse comes to worst. While working condition here in Thailand is a lot easier, I am faced with other predicaments concerning how to save and even how to keep my money afloat until the next payday. 


Here in Thailand, we live life in "sabai sabai" (easy-easy) manner. For most of us who are teachers in the elementary and secondary schools, our workloads would only range from 18 to 22 hours a week that would mostly consist of Speaking Class which does not require much time of preparation. In short, work is pretty manageable. The truth is: our salary here in the land of smiles is just fine. We don't earn as much as those who are working in Japan, UAE, UK and the USA but  most of us choose to stay here  because the basic commodities are very affordable. When you go to the wet market, your 1,000 baht will already go a long way and if you choose to dine out, restaurants are aplenty and local food shops are in every corner of the streets where you can only spend as much as 30 or 40 baht per meal. And here's another appetizing fact: gadgets are inexpensive too. Well, they may be a little bit costly but at least we can afford to get updated with the latest once in a while if we really want to. Not only that, travel enthusiasts do have a lot of opportunities to give in to their passion because Thailand has the best beaches, parks, and other travel sites. With the long holidays we have, we actually have much opportunity to visit any place we want without sacrificing our jobs. Considering the "not-so-high" income we get and the endless money drainers, it is also true that sometimes it is really hard to get by with our salary here which should not be case. 


I've been working here for five years and what do I have? Basically, nothing just YET because like many OFW's I am also guilty of reckless and senseless expenditure. During payday time, I sometimes tend to be the richest man alive having to go to endless shopping spree buying things that I don't actually need. Well, yes I make it sure I fulfill my monthly obligation of sending my monthly allotment to my parents, then I set aside budget for housing, electricity, phone and other bills but I always commit thievery when it comes to my savings or investments. "I'll save next month", as I always tell myself. I sometimes convince myself too that my family sets aside something with the money that I regularly send them which is of course - not true as they are also bombarded with a lot of expenses for the period of one month. Sad reality and it bites but the saddest of all is that I am not getting any younger so I need to do something. 


Recently, I came across with this website of the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez  where I happen to watch a video about how the club can help those who would like to start to invest in the stock market in the Philippines. This isn't the first time I've heard about Bo Sanchez nor my first time to hear about investing in Stock Market, I have heard this before and I did several attempts to start the process of investing but none of them flourished, however this time is different. I just feel the sense of urgency that I need to start if I need to ensure a better future for myself and I'm happy that I did. Watching the video turned out to be a great learning experience because all my questions were answered and the questions that didn't come up to my mind was asked by the interviewer - Allan Ngo who is also an active member of Truly Rich Club

Here's the video:

It pays to be financially educated as it is true that time passes by quickly. We may not feel it by now but what we do at present will have a significant impact in the near future. Saving is a matter of decision. When we decide to do it now then we should not wait for the next day to come otherwise we may as well find another avenue to spend the money for. 

In one of the TCR videos, I learned: So when is the best time to invest? Actually the answer is YESTERDAY. If we have saved yesterday, we could have let our money grow already. When is the next best time to invest? TODAY is the answer. If we take the first step today, doing the second step will become easier. 

Today, I gained another ounce of inspiration by the stories of friends who are already in the Stocks Investment. Their positive feedback gave me another push to start my own. Also reading stories and watching You Tube videos sent to me by Truly Rich Club added more fervor to an already heightened enthusiasm. This is it! 

If you want to know more and become a member of Truly Rich Club, you can follow the link below:

He will teach you how to do the first step in Stock Market Investment. I've learned. I'm sure you will. 

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