Sunday, November 9, 2014

Janokrong School. A student handing the class donation to the teacher. 
PHITSANULOK, Thailand. November 8, 2014. Exactly one year today, when one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded devastated the Philippines affecting 16 million and displacing at least 4.1 million people. Statistics show that Yolanda (local name) or Typhoon Haiyan (international code name) damaged at least 1.1 million houses and recorded at least 6,300 fatalities. As of January 2014, bodies were still being recovered ( National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) – April 17, 2014). 

Great was the destruction brought about by that calamity but greater was the love and generosity of the world including Thailand. In Phitsanulok alone, the SNCFC's call for help was met with overwhelming response. In total, we raised 231, 629 Baht (around Php. 300,000) which was really far from what we expected. What we thought was only a call for Filipino community in the city was heard clearly by our Thai students and friends who undoubtedly proven themselves that humanity does still exist.

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Chalermkwansatree School. Student leaders with the Filipino teachers
after the collection of donation amounting to 52,200 Baht.


It was one year ago but WE will never get tired of expressing our heartfelt thankfulness to all these people who made us feel loved when our country needed it. 

- Saint Nicholas Parish Church, Phitsanulok
- Chalermkwansatree School
- Saint Nicholas School
- Naresuan University
- Anuban Phitsanulok School
- Janokrong School
- Phitsanulok Pittayakom School
- Teeratada School
- Phibulsongkram Rajabahat University- Phitsanulok
- Rajabhat University - Kamphaeng Phet
- Watyang School-Phitsanulok
- Triam-udom Suksa School of the North-Phitsanulok
-Wangthong Pittayakom School
- Kubota Big U Team
- Anonymous Thai Donors
- SDA Community of Phitsanulok
- Mission Beyond Borders (MBB) of Phitsanulok
- Saint Nicholas Church Foreign Community - Phitsanulok


In good faith, the amount we received went to trusted hands and organizations who facilitated that all donations went  to the real victims of the calamity. Here below is the list of our recipients:

- Anuban Phitsanulok Teachers
(whose family were directly affected by the typhoon)
- The Filipino Community Members of Phitsanulok
(whose family were directly affected by the typhoon)
- Sagip Kapamilya of ABS-CBN
- GMA Kapuso Foundation
- Flood Victims in Butuan City
(Through Jinky Resabal and Myrna Cagang)
- Flood Victims of Esperanza, Agusan del Sur
(Through Mrs. Florida Costales)


Overflowing with so much gratitude, the Filipino community even organized a Thanksgiving concert to thank all the generous people of Phitsanulok for their help.



One year may have passed since that tragic event unfolded before our very eyes. Rehabilitation has been done in Leyte and though completion is still too far to happen, and the wounds and scars of the tragedy are still fresh, we Filipinos will continue to say DAGHANG SALAMAT, Maraming Salamat po, Thank you very much and KHUP KHUN MAK, Phitsanulok and Thailand for your generosity. 


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