Wednesday, November 5, 2014

BANGKOK, THAILAND. A gay couple displaying affection in public were subjected to reprehension by Thai conservatives inside a BTS in Bangkok on Monday, November 3.

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In the video, a woman and a ladyboy obviously were not able to contain their disgust about the kissing lesbian couple and berated the couple telling them to stop making-out citing it is against Thai tradition. 

As of this posting, the video posted in You Like Facebook Page on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 12:55 a.m., has already garnered more than 950,000 views, more than 125,000 likes, more than 23,000 shares and more than 34,000 comments.

This is how the argument goes:

Woman: Oh, I'm sorry. This is a public venue. Aren't you shameless, snuggling up to each other like that?

Tom: So if you see farangs (means Foreigners usually Caucasian)doing like this, do you yell at them, too?

Woman: Then it's farangs business.

Tom: So why do you discriminate?

Woman: Well, they don't do it on the BTS. I don't discriminate. Thai tradition, you know. I warned you because I want what's best for you.

The Tom the proceeds to tell the woman to keep her lecturing to herself refusing to accept the idea that only foreigners can do such things out in the open.

Tom: Thai tradition, what? Use that at home.

Woman: Other people have been trying to tolerate your actions. But if you're shameless, please proceed!

Tom: If I wasn't, would I be here?

The argument continues with the tomboy's lover insisting it's her private business while the conservative woman insists she's not being a psycho - just expressing her offended values.

The heated exchange of words came into a halt when the ladyboy steps in.

Ladyboy: You are shameless! You snuggle each other and you keep scolding this woman. Even though you're a tomboy, you have to be polite. Have you read what people say online? They all condemn people who display affection in public!

When the ladyboy challenged the tom to a fight, the couple were prompted to exit from the train.

Thai Tradition

In Thailand, public display of affection is frowned upon and is considered to be disrespect for Thai culture and customs. Physical affection is rarely, if ever, shown in public - even married Thai men and women do not touch in public. However, it is uncommon for same sex close friends to hold hands as an expression of affection. You may see a Thai woman expressing affection physically in public with a foreign man, but often this means that the Thai woman is a prostitute - do not mistake this as Thai culture. (Source: Bangkok Travel Guide)

BTS bans kissing inside train

As a result, BTS management officially announced that kissing is prohibited inside the sky train. The chairman of Bangkok Mass Transit System, Surapong Laoha-unya said that public displays of affection are inappropriate for the Thai society. He further requested the passengers to help report such actions to security personnel and not to engage them so as not to encourage fighting or physical brawl.    

If complainers are more reserved and would like to avoid personal confrontation, they can call the hotline number 02-617-6000. 

Source: Coconuts Bangkok

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