Monday, November 10, 2014

BUTUAN CITY. Jason Dy, 24, Butuan's homegrown talent turned three chairs and got standing ovation from coaches Sarah Geronimo, Apple de Ap, and Leah Salonga in last Sunday's episode of The Voice of the Philippines-Season 2

"Oh my God! When you  hit those falsettos, it was over. You just took over the competition," said Coach Apple de Ap who later on showed Dy his award winning albums and convinced him to join his team so they could both write and produce songs together.  

"I thought I was gonna have a heart attack on my chair," Coach  Leah said who later went on to say "That was the one and only time I've ever have to hold hands in another chair  because it was just too much!" 

Coach Sarah Geronimo said, "Sobra kaming bilib na bilib sayo kasi di mo na kelangang lakasan ang boses mo o bumirit para sa amin. Yung strength mo para sa akin ay yung falsetto mo. Ang linis linis na ang sarap sarap sa puso naming pakinggan. Napapawoooh! kami sa galing mo." Dy later on chose her as coach.

Here's Jason Dy's performance:

Meanwhile, Butuanons expressed their pride and joy for Dy's latest feat through Facebook. 

Proud Butuanon.Grabbed from a friend's FB wall.

Proud Alma Mater. Screen shot of Enfant Cheri's FB page.

Proud Teacher. A message from Dy's Grade School teacher. 

Jason Dy also took Facebook as avenue to thank his supporters and followers. 

#SupportJasonDy #TeamSarah #TheVoicePH


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