Saturday, September 27, 2014

My own Bench collection
I am a Bench fanatic. From socks, underwear, shorts, shirts, jeans and perfume I usually go to their shops because aside from being trendy, their price-tags are more affordable compared to those signature foreign brands like Lacoste, Marks and Spencer, etc. Quality wise, it is not disappointing. Some of those jeans that I'd bought some years ago are still with me until now and they are definitely wearable still. I particularly love Bench 8 body spray and I wear the scent everyday to work. I'm a fan! I definitely am.

But why do I support this #boycott campaign? Because I join them as...

Seriously, there are more far-better concepts than those what has been presented in their recently concluded fashion event. Concepts that are classy and elegant. Concepts that promote respect and human value and never demoralizing nor degrading anybody. 

I am still a fan of the product, but not until they change their promotional strategy, then I won't spend a dime for them just yet.

That's the naked truth.


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  1. I used to purchase Bench before when I was working in Dubai. But now, I shifted to another brand. They promoted their products as Showbiz Naked Truth.

  2. I haven't been using Bench lately because their designs have not been matching my preference. They did go overboard with the Naked Truth.

  3. I haven't bought anything from bench lately as well.

  4. My last purchased from Bench was 2 years ago. I agree they did go overboard with the Naked Truth.