Monday, September 22, 2014

Exams Week

Just few days more and the first term of the school year ends. Yes! I could finally say that I have survived the first five months in my new school - the "boys school" no less. It is quite a transition I must admit, having taught at the "girls school" for two years. As they say - boys are from Mars and girls are from Venus because they live  totally from distinct worlds. As for my part, the experience itself is both interesting and challenging in the sense that there's a big disparity in teaching between boys and girls when it comes to their learning styles and attitude. But that's where the "challenge" comes in and I'm not backing out (wink).


My first year in Buddhachinnaraj School was the turning point of my teaching - a real baptism of fire, indeed. Having only 15 students under my advisory class back in the Philippines, it was a shock for me to face more than 50 students in a classroom who had difficulty in digesting my lessons because of language problem. The positive part is that the Thai teachers in the department were all supportive so it made my adjustment period pretty fine and while I mentioned that there were students who require more efforts to teach, there were also students who made those 2 years worthy to reminisce.

These are just few of my students who made my 2-year stay
in Buddhachinnaraj School worthwhile.

The experience in Chalermkwansatree School was real smooth because I had the chance to teach students who are under the English Program (EP). Not only do the students have better facility of the English language, let's face it "girls" are the loveliest creatures to teach (no offense to the boys meant in here) :).

LE Family. They call themselves Lok Enzo (Enzo's Children).
 What could be more sweeter than that?

So far, so good

Being here now in Phitsanulok Pittayakom School means a lot of things for me - new school, new students, new beginning, new experiences, new challenges. These past five months have given me much of them already and so far - they have been very good. 

And I'm looking forward to having more of them but for the mean time - let me enjoy my term break first! 


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