Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ASEAN Day is a big event in most schools here in Thailand. So being the forerunner of the program is in itself a gigantic task much specially for a newbie like myself. You can only imagine the pressure piling up each day as the day came nearer and nearer. Not that I am inexperienced with this kind of task but the fact that for many years this celebration has been handled perfectly by the initiators of this annual event, I could not help but be scared. After all, I have such "a big shoe" to fill in, so to speak.

Two main events were lined up for that day - the ASEAN Quiz and the  ASEAN Voice Singing Competition. But before the main events was the preliminary - Opening Ceremony where we showcased Filipino culture through music and dances. 

The photos below will tell you more how the event transpired.

The Parade of the 10 ASEAN Nations
The Singing of the ASEAN Way
Philippine Folk Song: Leron Leron Sinta

Philippine Folk Dance: Subli

Philippine Folk Dance: Carinosa

ASEAN Voice (Junior High): Ngayong Nandito Ka
ASEAN Voice (Junior High): Hawak Kamay

ASEAN Voice (Senior High): Gaya ng Dati

ASEAN Voice (Senior High): Di Mahatariku
Masters of Ceremony

Pose for the Camera

Baro't Saya
Board of Judges: Filipino University Lecturers

The Working Committee
The Working Committee
29 August, 2014 was the very day that all the preparations were put into reality and all the efforts were paid off.  Credits go to all my Filipino colleagues who extended their helping hand as how they did in the previous years. It would have not been that successful if without them and of course without the guidance of the administrators of the ASEAN office - Ajarn Rudee and Ajarn Wanida.

And oh, did you feel like it's the culmination of the "Buwan ng Wika (Language Month)" with all those students and teachers wearing Filipiniana costumes? Simply put: it's our own little way of sharing the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines to our students here in Thailand. 



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