Sunday, February 23, 2014

COUNTING. Class leaders count the amount they have raised after the collection.
PHITSANULOK, Thailand. It started with a post in the FB wall on November 11, 2013.
Many of our "Kababayans" in the Philippines are in most need of not just our PRAYERS but our generous hearts to extend something to at least lessen their suffering. Many of them need FOOD, WATER, CLOTHING, MEDICINES, TEMPORARY SHELTER, etc and since it is impossible for us to hand them these things personally, our CASH DONATIONS (aside of course from our CONSTANT PRAYERS) might just be the best thing that we could offer at the moment. 

For those whose hearts are touched to can hand in your donations to any SNCFC Officers and rest assured that the little amount you may extend will go to a reputable agency (initially planned: SAGIP KAPAMILYA of ABS-CBN) to do the aid on our behalf. 
Little did we know that what was supposed to be a little request of help for the victims of the  super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines will turn out into something bigger than what we imagined. The post was reposted and shared by the SNCFC officers in their FB wall and in no time, it gained hundreds of likes and overwhelming response. 

Ajarn Wanlapat Suksawas, an instructor at Naresuan University here in Phitsanulok has read the FB post of Letty Comeros, who is her son's teacher in Anuban Phitsanulok School. Ajarn Suksawas then created another post in Thai Language on her own FB wall and mobilized university students to go around the university to collect donations for the Philippines. In less than a week, Ajarn Suksawas and her students were able to hand in to us a total amount of 29, 606. 00 Baht.

When Ajarn Orawan Tagong, the EP Department Head of Chalermkwansatree School learned of the fund-raising activity for the Philippines, she informed the school director of the said project who never hesitated to give her permission to collect donations from the students. The next day, the seven Filipino teachers in CHS including myself were given the opportunity to share about the project to the students and teachers. After saying a few words, the collection started. It was a sight to behold. Our hearts melted seeing the students and the teachers who unselfishly shared for our country. The school director personally handed to us 52, 200 Baht which we later send to the SAGIP KAPAMILYA of ABS-CBN.

AJARN ORAWAN. EP Manager supervising the fund raising activity.
The SNCFC set of officers approached Rev. Fr. Prasert Sitti, the Parish Priest of Saint Nicholas Church and School Director of Saint Nicholas School in Phitsanulok, to ask for his blessings for the group to have a little time in the school's flag ceremony to share about the project to the students. Fr. Prasert did not only gave us his permission but his 100 % support to the endeavor. Before we went out from his office that evening, he gave us an envelope containing 10, 000 Baht. Two days later we went back to the school, most of us with heavy hearts brought about by the heart-rending news we got from the grief-stricken places that were hit by the catastrophe. As we sang songs for the students, we weren't able to hold back our emotions but we managed to finish the songs that we prepared for them even with momentary sobs. We were even more touched when we received their donation - 10, 000 Baht from the School Administration, 23, 870 Baht from the students and 2,000 Baht from Vincent de Paul Youth Organization.

1000 BAHT. A teacher shows her love gift for the Haiyan victims. 

BOX. Teachers and students fell in line to drop their donations.

Through the concerted efforts of the Filipino teachers and the administration in the different schools around Phitsanulok and even in the nearby provinces, cash donations, and relief goods continued to pour in.

Anuban Phitsanulok School was able to raise a total amount of 35,043 Baht which was later distributed to their teachers who were directly affected by the typhoon and the earthquake in Bohol. Janokrong School was able to donate 9,831 Baht while Teeratada School had raised 10,000 Baht. Meanwhile, the same fund-raising activity was done in Rajabhat University - Kamphaeng Phet, Phitsanulok Pittayakom School, Watyang School, Wangthong Pittayakom School and Triam Udom Suksa School of the North (Phitsanulok).

LOVE. Overflowing act of kindness from Janokrong School students and teachers.

JR SCHOOL. A student leader who helped the teachers in going around the school to collect donations. 

The long list does not end here as there were more donations that came in coming from private organizations and concerned individuals that contributed to the total amount raised of 231, 629 Baht.

To all of those who helped SNCFC in this endeavor - the students, parents, teachers, friends, the people of Phitsanulok and Thailand...



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