Saturday, August 17, 2013

As required by my school for the processing of my permanent teaching licence in Thailand, I took the three-day Thai Culture Course at Pharanakhon Rajabhat University in Bangkok last Friday through Sunday.Contrary to what I've always heard from those who already took it, I find it engaging and interesting.

The "FILCHI" Group. Who says China and The Philippines are in the verge of war?  Not here in Thailand because this group of Filipino and Chinese teachers worked together in harmony and peace eventually coming up with meaty output about the given topic. 

Thai Traditional Dance. The participants doing an actual performance of the Thai traditional dance.
The course consisted of different topics about Thai Society, Thai Manners, Culture, Customs, Arts, Language, Politics and Professional Standards and Ethics which were discussed by well-versed professors of the university who in their best capacity tried to make every session interactive and dynamic by involving the participants in the discussions.  Also included in that three-day seminar was a half day tour to the National Museum in Bangkok and a 30-minute Body and Foot Massage in the luxurious university spa.

Thai Traditional Musical Instrument. This is ME trying a hand in a small yet complex Thai Musical Instrument.
A 20-hour course to study the long and complex history of Thailand was not enough but I definitely learned something from it which I believe would be of great help in my dealing with my Thai students and the Thai society as a whole.

The other great thing about the event is meeting people from around the world who are also making Thailand their temporary home if not permanent. And of course, it's always great to greet and meet fellow "kababayans" who have their own story to tell about their Thailand experiences. I am always fascinated by how our stories differ from each other and meet at some points with similarities.

Certificate of Attendance. This is ME again receiving my Certificate of Completion
with one of the organizing professors in PNRU. 

Class Picture. The participants of the three-day Thai Culture Course.
Till we meet again everyone. Sawasdee Khrup.
At the end of the course, I got my Certificate of Attendance from the organizing university and soon the official certificate from the Teacher's Council of Thailand (Kurusapa) and of course, never will I forget the lessons I've learned and the people I've met in there. 


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