Sunday, August 25, 2013

Both physics and chemistry are among the subjects that are required to pursue a career in the science field. For this reason, the two subjects should not be sidelined as they form the basis of what might be the career choice of your child. To add on, both chemistry and physics are practical subjects, and their theoretical part of learning should be supported by intensive practical work for easy grasping of the subjects. Parents, on the other hand, might not be in a good position to handle these two subjects while assisting their children, and that's where physics or a chemistry tutor comes handy. Besides, the two subjects correlate and parents are more likely to find combined chemistry physics tuition for their children. So, how is physics tuition important to your child?

To start with, physics is a high level technology subject which is mainly composed of innovative mathematics. Actually, for students to understand physics, they must first have a liking for mathematics. A larger segment of students that hate Mathematics, have also been known to abhor Physics. Consequently, a tutor of combined chemistry physics tuition and other levels of physics must be smart enough to take the physics student back to the innovative mathematics concepts, before proceeding with the physics lessons. On the contrary, physics teachers in schools don't have the time to take students through the math basics to make them understand physics, which in turn may affect the students’ performance in the subject.  

Physics require a creative way of teaching, as well as a high motivation from the teacher. A larger portion of the child's learning process should be based on asking questions, and that is why the less confident students normally fail in the subject. Such a child can, however, be assisted if he or she learns to engage the teacher more by asking questions; or if the teacher can assist the students one by one, and not spend the entire lesson talking to the whole class. A physics tutor can be the best alternative for such a teacher, and you should consider going for one with fewer students.

Sometimes students are given complicated physics homework, and when they start remonstrating about how hard the homework is, then that should come as a hint that they need a tutor. For instance, when tackling a simple linear motion concept, the topic will progress to more intricate segments of the topic as they proceed to free fall and other parts of the topic. A single example handled in class might not be enough to handle everything concerning that particular concept, and the student will need some extra assistance to fully understand the topic. To back this up, ask your children about which tutor they need most, and they will definitely mention a physics tutor if not a math tutor.

If your child is innovative enough and has a strong passion for physics, but a poor understanding of the subject in class, then you should consider getting a Physics tutor for the child. This goes pertinent with other ambitions like going to an aerospace, or having a strong passion to pursue any engineering course, and then a physics tutor might offer the right guidance and motivation.

All these factors play a vital role in mentoring a child to pursue any physics related course in future. Furthermore, parents should be at the forefront of assisting their children in handling Physics subject, and part of the support entails getting them a competent physics tutor.

The Author:

James Liao a.k.a The Educationist of Singapore, a MASTERS scholar from NTU, has been on the forefront of Singapore's education fabric for more than a decade. Through this period he has helped many students improve from F9 to A1 in Chemistry, Physics, A.Maths and E.Maths. As a result, these same students managed to qualify for Junior Colleges and most of them have already graduated from NTU, NUS and SMU.


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