Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Physics is a unique study and everything in the entire globe obeys Physics laws. Being knowledgeable about the laws gives individuals a better understanding on how to successfully predict all aspects and how they will behave based on the laws in the given circumstances. Physics tuition might be necessary for students who are seeking to make the whole experience pleasurable while they study and it can be learnt easily by studying nature including the things around. Consequently, a student who wants to do well must know that Physics heavily relies on this understanding. Furthermore, it is important to relate things around you if your main goal is total comprehension. Below are some five tips that will make the study of Physics an effortless process. 

Getting familiar with all the steps is the solution to mastering the subject matter easier. Combined Chemistry Physics tuition is conducted by tutors who see to it that students master all the vital steps. If you want to excel in Physics, it is mandatory for you to master all topics you are taught regardless of whether they are difficult or easy to grasp. Failure to comprehend any of the topics taught is likely to leave gaps thus jeopardizing the entire learning process. 

Supplementing the learning process by carrying out small-scale experiments is a good idea as it will improve your mastery of Physics. Doing experiments is an interactive and fun way through which you can learn the subject. This is precisely why laboratory experiments are performed for the purpose of cementing the knowledge. Therefore, when you perform the small-scale experiments, it will be easier for you to understand the topics. 

Making notes is a vital thing you need to do especially when important concepts are being taught. Writing short notes aids in knowledge retention. It has been proven that people understand concepts better when notes are written in their own words. Remembering the concepts as a result becomes a lot easier. Moreover, the notes offer so much help to students who are revising for examinations. 

Solving problems is the most practical approach that can be undertaken in mastering the theory aspect of Physics. This aids you in knowing how the gained knowledge can actually be applied. Solving numerical problems therefore offers you an excellent way of cementing knowledge gained even further. Since they form the better part of all the assignments given, all students must attempt to answer them correctly. 

The saying; practice makes perfect fully applies in Physics too. Therefore if your goal is to attain perfection, then you must practice doing plenty of questions and write each time you answer questions. Even as you practice, jot down answers as you normally do when taking exams. When you are under pressure, chances are you will perform in a similar way that you had practiced and the same applies for the examinations because you will most likely provide the answers you attempted during your tuition sessions. Should you get stuck at any point, it is advisable that you seek the help of a tutor instead of wasting time.

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James Liao a.k.a The Educationist of Singapore, a MASTERS scholar from NTU, has been on the forefront of Singapore's education fabric for more than a decade. Through this period he has helped many students improve from F9 to A1 in Chemistry, Physics, A.Maths and E.Maths. As a result, these same students managed to qualify for Junior Colleges and most of them have already graduated from NTU, NUS and SMU.


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