Thursday, July 25, 2013

Long sleep

Like one who is in a deep slumber, this site has been snoring in the corner for more or less six months now. Alright, my bad. I have been way too busy with other stuff that I have not spent any (quality) time with my "babies" my blog sites, that is. 

Mainly, the reason is that I was struck by the "laziness" syndrome that I couldn't really find any inspiration to write. Not that nothing that has happened caught my interest, but just "me" that couldn't find words to express my thoughts and my lazy "me" that wouldn't find time to do any updates in this point.

Cold morning  

So what has gotten in me that I finally decided to visit this site? 

Well, it's the examination week here in school and I am a proctor to my First Year High School students (Matayom 1) so instead of waiting for them to finish their test, here I am...just scribbling something to fill in the long gaps that has happened in here. 

It's a cold morning up here in Phitsanulok fresh from a rainy night that passed. Although it's wet I still prefer it to be like this rather than the usual excruciatingly hot weather. With the cool temperature outside and a cooler temperature inside the classroom, with the students concentrating in their test right now, I have found a way and a place to think and write. 

A good start

Anyhow, there is nothing particular that I really want to write about today - the recently concluded SONA, the now viral news about the crying cop, or the alleged 10 billion PDAF scam of the country's top lawmakers but for sure, this will be a start of more updates here in Enzo's Point.  

For now, have a great day ahead fellas! 

Sawatdee Krap from Thailand!


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