Friday, January 11, 2013

This video of a professor hitting his student that has gone viral for days now has prompted me to do a little introspection  about the way I am as a teacher. I am too far from perfection, I am sure of that and there were a lot of times that I lost temper over my students' misbehavior. Have I crossed the line when it happened?  

Being a teacher isn't an easy job and not everybody realizes that. Having to manage a classroom of 50 to 60 heads with different attitudes is where the most challenging part lies. There are times that students can really go beyond the limit of the teacher's patience but does that give the teacher the right to hit his students to release his fuming anger just as how this supposed "professor" did to his female student?

I am not on to pass any judgement to this teacher as my knowledge of how this unbecoming scene started but my stand point is this: A teacher has to have a strong control over his emotions. He shouldn't let his temper rule over himself  because in the end, everything will bounce back to him. At the end of the spectacle, the teacher always ends up to the scrutiny of the public. It will then just round up to two categories: a good teacher and a bad teacher

How am I as teacher? It's not for me to judge. I know I am not a very good teacher. All that I am hoping though is that nobody from among those I have taught will come up to me one day and tell me that I am the "worst" teacher he/she ever had. 



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