Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whoever said that only women get jitters just thinking about their first date with men they fancy must either be completely out of touch with the reality or was yet to go out on a date with a real person. Perhaps all that a fellow does during his or her spare time is to ‘meet’ people in chat rooms and dating web sites.

You see, real-life dating is, like basketball, anybody’s ballgame. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare for that all-important first date. Keep in mind that firs dates are more like acid tests of what kind of boyfriend, or husband, you will be to the woman you’re dating for the very first time. Hence, it’s important that you do everything right the first time so you’ll have a crack at a second date, then third, then eventually, her sweet yes.

With that being said, here are some simple tips on how you could make your first date perfect:

Look good. No, make that dashing, like Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp. Now, even if you can’t look exactly like these Hollywood A-listers, you can at least look half like them. Remember that first dates are all about first (read: lasting) impressions, and you ideally would want your date to have a good impression about you.

Stubbles are okay, but not the unkempt type. Also, over-all hygiene is a must whether it’s your first date or not. All of these go hand in hand with your get-up for the occasion; make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, and that you wear perfume with a subtle, not strong scent.

Talk. It’s all too easy to get tongue-tied or shy on your first date; however, keep in mind that most women prefer men who exude unmistakeable manly confidence. This ability to project yourself well to her will tell her that she’s dealing with a guy who knows his capabilities and who can handle a relationship and the accompanying responsibilities like a true man.

Also, while you’re at it, remember to tell her select interesting facts about yourself, but avoid saying too much. Keep in mind that your first date conversation could be your sole chance of being with her; thus, tell her what makes you tick and how fun and serious you can be when needed.

Look her in the eye. Even if the woman you’re dating is smouldering hot, keep your bearing and avoid looking at her bosom in such a way that she won’t help but notice. Remember that there’s nothing more disappointing to a woman than to date a guy who does an eye-to-breast conversation on the first date. Not only will looking her in the eye signal that you’re not a sex maniac, it will also tell her that you’re genuinely interested in what she says and that you want to know her better.

Be the perfect gentleman. Women don’t care if you’re a karate champion or a hard core military officer; what they care about is a guy who can swallow his pride and pamper his lady. Open the restaurant door for her, pull the chair before she does, walk her to her door—all of these simple gestures mean a lot to a woman, and could earn you future dates.

So, before you take the wheels to fetch her just keep in mind and follow these tips to ensure an unforgettable first date.

Beverly Houston, aside from her dream of becoming a Fashion Designer, also wanted to be a fashion magazine editor. She loves reading and blogging topics about fashion trends , latest beauty news and celebrity gossips. 


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