Sunday, December 16, 2012

One of the most touching images of grieving families.
(image not mine)
My heart goes out to the family of the 26 victims killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The grief of the family of those 20 children who died, eight of whom were boys and 12 were girls, and those six adults is unthinkable. Christmas will never be the same for these families and they will remember this year for the rest of their lives in remorse. It was such a painful and senseless death that no one of those who died deserve. 

My heart continues to bleed as more details about the heinous crime are being revealed. The images, videos and the news about how every family copes with this very sorrowful situation they're in leave me in tears. How could this have happened? Still there are many questions remain unanswered. All the children were of ages 6 or 7 and as President Obama put it: "They had their entire lives ahead of them - birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own". But in an instant, their lives were taken away from them...painfully...tragically.

My prayer is that at these moments of mourning, may God sustains the family of the victims. May they find strength and comfort at the love of those people who extend support for them at this grieving point of their lives. May emotional and psychological healing be upon those kids who survived and may those victims rest peacefully at the side of our Creator. 

I too, fervently pray that this scenario will never ever happen again...anywhere.  


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