Monday, December 24, 2012

This Christmas tree should have
 been bigger if I were at home...
It's been three years now that I'm spending Christmas million miles away from home. Have I learned to get used to it? No. I guess I will never be. I am even feeling that the longing to spend Christmas with my family has grown intense year after year that I am not with them. While it is true that we have our own set of parties to celebrate the season, I still feel that there's something lacking in it. Yes,  I hear Christmas songs aired over the malls and I sing carols with my students but I must admit I didn't enjoy them now as much as I enjoyed them back home and the more that I sensed all these things, the more that I remember many things that I am missing.

I remember waking up so early in the morning to attend the dawn mass for nine mornings and of course, all those simple "tsokalate, puto, or pandesal" being served after the service. I miss all those warm smiles and sincere Christmas greetings of the neighbors after the Christmas eve mass at the church and I miss listening to the local Christmas songs played over the radio or being sung by the carolers almost the whole month of December. I miss the usual get-together of high school friends . I miss the Noche Buena - the home-made "suman", "pansit", and the "lechon" and I miss the fun of that genuine "paskong pinoy."   Ahh...Christmas in the Philippines is indeed more fun because nothing compares to the feeling of celebrating Christmas with our family.

From where I am in the Philippines, we neither have those grand fire works to brighten the sky when the clock strikes 12 nor  those big themed street parties and yet I want to experience it again...hopefully next Christmas...hopefully...


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