Friday, November 9, 2012

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. 
                                                                                                                 - Paulo Coelho-

We all have guiding principles in our lives and we practically grow and live by/with them. They are what we call external motivators to inspire us to move on  and work for the reality of our dreams. The quote above magnifies that in life "dreams do come true". 

I have heard several personal testimonies from friends and I, myself have my own stories to tell. Personally, I must say that things start from "dreaming" or "wanting". Then comes action. When you work for what you want to achieve sooner or later you will be able to reach it. It may take time, even years but if you keep focusing on your target, it will be yours.  

There is power in positive pronouncements. Start and end your day by praying and claiming for it, you might just be surprised that the moment you wake up the next day - it's already right there. 

Is there something that you really want to have? That's the starting point. Then, WORK on it, FOCUS on it, PRAY for it, and CLAIM it because when you do, all the universe will conspire to deliver it right in your doorstep. 



  1. i believe in the power of positivism and being optimistic on things I dreamed of ..

  2. I guess nothing is impossible if we try hard enough to achieve it and dreaming and working towards that goal will make the goal as an achievement waiting to be accomplished.

  3. Totally agree... FAITH comes in BIG TIME too! :)

  4. Prayers are always my best way to ask GOD if I want something. HE is good because of the time HE give it to me :-)

  5. I have been hearing about how positive pronouncements can make a difference in life.

  6. In this article, it doesn't apply the rule of "unlike poles attract and like poles repel". Positive thinking begets optimistic circumstance especially when combined with FAITH and DETERMINATION. Anything is possible if we just BELIEVE it can happen. I just have to believe more that my dreams will come true if God permits.