Thursday, October 18, 2012

I have been under self-imposed imprisonment for several days now because of bad cough and colds that's probably been caused by the weather these days. It's the second week of the school break and much as I had plans to go out of town and enjoy the holidays for few days, I have no other choice but to stay at home otherwise I'll be just coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose throughout the trip. Nah, that will put me in such an awkward situation around other travelers. 

This illness has literally shelved my holiday get-away plans, albeit I dread about it, this also give me few personal realizations.  More often, we do take our body for granted by not eating right, no exercise and not sleeping much thus weakening our body systems making us susceptible to illnesses. I must confess that I have been guilty about all these and I must say this has become a clarion call for me to take care of myself more after all, nursing oneself in times of illness is far better than the process of preventing it. On the other hand, with the trip cancelled and budget on-hold, this gives me a better and bigger holiday plans for the next holiday. Hopefully, not just out-of-town but out-of-the-country this time. Hmmnn...who knows?

There's no definite plans yet as to where to go for the next holiday but I'm quite certain about strengthening my body systems so health problems won't become a problem again. Now, if you'll excuse me, something is coming out from my nose again...ugh! Prsssst! 

Oops. Sorry.



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