Monday, October 15, 2012

Every woman has her own dream wedding. Some would like to walk in the aisle in the midst of showering rose petals while some would like their grooms to wait for them in the altar  by the beach. Some brides prefer their wedding to be fairy tale-like and some brides choose a simple yet unforgettable event. Some dream weddings remain unfulfilled but there are lucky brides who got their wishes come true. 

Mary Joy Talagtag had her dream wedding unfold before her very eyes one year ago at the beautiful Dos Palmas Island Resort in Palawan, Philippines. That was October 15, 2011. 

The small chapel at the famous island was adorned with fragrant white flowers embellished with blue ribbons that enhanced elegance to an already resplendent sight. The guests composed of the couple's family and friends were all excited to witness the reaping of a love they have witnessed as it sprouted, grew and bloomed in Pat's and Joy's hearts.  

After the mighty sun had successfully spread out its morning hues in the horizon, everything was all set for that most awaited moment. The groom John Patrick Benliro was already waiting in the altar with mixed emotions, we could even hear his heart pounding like drums. As the morning zephyr continued to blow whilst the ocean waves momentarily disturbed the quietness of the island, the fair bride fully dressed in white finally arrived. Then, the groom sang his heart out to usher her teary-eyed bride to join him in the altar. It was a touching moment...truly magical. 

The ceremony continued as they both exchanged their "I dos" and ended with that ceremonial kiss. It was exactly one year ago that Joy officially became Mrs. Mary Joy T. Benliro and I was there. 

Just after a year of being together, Pat and Joy received one of God's greatest gift in their very first offspring. Two days ago, Loureese Joyce T. Benliro was officially welcomed to the Christian world at Saint Nicholas Church, Phitsanulok, Thailand which marked another milestone in Pat and Joy's married life and yes, I was there again. 

Congratulations Pat and Joy on your firsts. It is true that life for you is still starting to unfold but I am confident that with your devotion to each other anchored by your great faith in God's provision and guidance, you will celebrate more years and produce more kids and create more memories together.

Photo Credits:
Ate Leah Doysabas


  1. Very well put, sir. Thanks for the fond memories and for simply being there always.