Saturday, October 6, 2012

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The reason I became a teacher myself is because I have had great teachers who inspired me to become like them. I have been under the tutelage of many good teachers since my elementary years in Dacutan Elementary School where I learned my first A,B,C's and 1,2,3's. In those formative years of my childhood, there were teachers who have done a great job in threshing out the skills and aptitudes lying deep within me. Little by little, they gave me my voice and the confidence to use that voice to be heard and be seen.

The first chapter in my high school life was spent in Father Urios High School (Bayugan) where I met different teachers with different temperaments and different teaching styles. Though it was only a brief stay but my teachers in that school had left indelible marks in my student life. When I moved to Esperanza National High School to continue the unfinished pages of my high school story,   I met the people who eventually became not just my teachers but parents, friends and heroes. Like the rest of my former mentors, they too have different ways of dealing with us - their students. Some of them were congenial, there were those who were too strict in the class, some were funny and some were "boring" but they made my high school something worth remembering. 

I don't have much memories of my professors in Mindanao State University (Marawi City) where I happen to stay for only a semester  except for Mr. Beaunonie Gozo  who was my Math teacher whom I got my historic "Failed" mark. When I continued my pursuit for a college diploma at the Philippine Normal University (Agusan Campus), I realized that college instructors were not that scary as I thought they were. As a matter of fact, I have the fondest memories of my instructors in PNU-AC who were the "best" in their respect teaching fields and I'm proud to be mentored and trained by them.

As the world celebrates this significant day for teachers, I would like to pay my own tribute to my teachers who have greatly contributed to my being where and who I am today. 

  • Mrs. Estelita V. Layugan (Grade 1)
  • Mrs. Primitiva Antoni (Grade 2)
  • Mrs. Pat Gallor (Grade 3)
  • Mr. Joel V. Layugan (Grade 3 - Substitute Teacher) 
  • Mrs. Estelita V. Layugan (Grade 4)
  • Mrs. Lilia Dagani (Grade 5)
  • Mr. Oscar Balala (Science and Sibika at Kultura Teacher)
  • Mr. Romualdo Layugan + (Grade 6)
  • Mr. Douglas J. Balala (Principal)

  • Mrs. Amalia Chato (Adviser, Val. Ed., English)
  • Mr. Oscar Calinawagan (Math Teacher)
  • Mrs. Rosita Torres (Science Teacher)
  • Ms. Dominiciana Galorio (P.E Teacher)
  • Ms. Evelyn Bonotan (Computer Teacher)

  • Mr. Larry Limot (Math)
  • Ms. Penny Jo Osano (Biology)
  • Ms. Zipporah D. Gilsano (English)
  • Ms. Margie Turtor (History)
  • Mrs. Susan Vales (P.E, Entrepreneurship Course)
  • Mr. Alfredo B. Basinang + (History)
  • Mrs. Susan Senobin (Val. Ed.)
  • Mr. Rolito Aloyon (P.E)
  • Mrs. Sonia P. Bohol (Filipino)
  • Ms. Lani V. Layugan (Physics)
  • Mrs. Tita D. Anunciado (Chemistry)
  • Mr. Cornelio Malaluan (School Paper Adviser)
  • Mrs. Florentina Romagos + (Math)
  • Mrs. Venus Midred S. Pagalan (Adviser, Filipino)
  • Mrs. Florida P. Costales
  • Mr. Edison P. Costales
  • Mrs. Crucita ZM Taala (Principal)

  • Prof. June Dumanhug (Arts, Psychology)
  • Prof. Shiela D. Jaramillo (Guidance and Counselling)
  • Prof. Sophia Belarmino (DS 1, Linguistics, Journalism)
  • Prof. RacheL Payapaya (Reading)
  • Prof. Edilberta Goce (P.E, Dance Troupe Trainer)
  • Prof. Ma. Chelo Loque (P.E, Dance Troupe Trainer)
  • Prof. Ligaya Guerta (Val. Ed., Psychology)
  • Prof. Agustina Mejorada (Mathematics)
  • Prof. Emerita M. Gumapac (Science)
  • Prof. Felisa M. Recorba (Major Subjects)
  • Dr. Daylinda J. Tampus (Major Subjects)
  • Dr. Adelyne M. Costelo - Abrea 

Thank you dear teachers for bringing out the best in me and for leading me to the path that leads me  to where I am now. I will forever be grateful. 

Happy Teachers' Day.