Thursday, September 27, 2012

The golden rule says: Do unto others what you want others do unto you.

This has always been the guiding principle that I tried to abide. My attitude is rather far from perfection but to stay away from trouble and to never hurt others are important things that I've learned from my father who has always lived by this example. "Always be kind to others," so he said.

But kindness does not always beget kindness in contrast to that famous statement. When one is too kind, crooks take it as an opportunity to abuse and take advantage of. That is something that my father failed to warn me about. That there are leeches out there hunting for their prey not only to cling on but suck his blood out of him. Some of them disguise themselves as the "distressed sheep" but the moment you come to their rescue, they turn into a "greedy wolf" and will take everything from you. 

I've met not just one but many people of this kind and I am still on the process of learning my lesson until time will come that I will finally be able to develop a more calloused heart and be able to say NO when somebody comes knocking on my door "pretending" to be in a dire need. I have yet to learn to distinguish the real wolf who disguises itself from a multitude of sheep.  

But still I never lose faith in kindness. I still believe that when one does kindness, it will come back to him a hundred fold. I believe in "karma" - good and bad. It will come in the least unexpected time. 


  1. Well put, sir. I know what you're going through. Other people may have removed even the single bit of honesty out of their system and fooled people here and there, but I certainly believe that "kindness" wouldn't go unrewarded.

    Continue being you. The return will be overflowing before you know it.

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