Friday, September 14, 2012

What I love about Fridays is having classes with Matayom 6 (6th Year High School). Well, aside from the fact that there have been many times that they were out of school this term which means two hours of extra Facebook and blogging periods for me in the office, being with them in the class gives me the feeling that somehow my students are having fun while learning.

To be exact, I have 2 classes of M6 every Friday, one class in the morning and one class in the afternoon. My 6.3 class is composed of 31, or make that 32 because I just met a new student today who just came from Belgium being an exchange student. Of the 32, only one is male whom one student this morning referred to as "the black sheep", not for being the naughtiest member in the class but for being the only "odd" or the only "boy" among the group. But of course, I was quick to explain that "black sheep" has a negative connotation and wasn't applicable to Chanon although he was always absent in my class because of their soldier camp every Friday (hehehe). My afternoon class with 6.4 is composed of 41 students, only three of them are boys whom I also see in my class very rarely because of their soldier camp. 

Because I only meet them only once a week, I really don't memorize all their names. I hope it doesn't make me a bad teacher, it's just that, I have difficulty remembering their Thai names but of course, I memorize all their faces and I can recognize them by heart anywhere I meet them. Oh, yeah, there's one student whose name I remember now - Jaa. She's the student who wouldn't talk to me even if I talk to her in Thai language. Today I asked her why she wouldn't talk to me and her only reply was a very soft giggle. (So narakaa! hehehehe...Peace na Jaa!)

Introducing the M 6.3 Superstars!
What makes these students special is that they are actually specializing Math and Science. As a matter of fact, even in my English class they are still having Math and Science in their heads. Cool, isn't it? But of course, they are very careful not to show their Mathematics problems to me or else I'll black out and somehow, they have been very kind to me (^ _ ^).

Mind you, these students are also very good teachers. In our class today, I learned new Thai words and improved my Thai pronunciation. So, it's actually a two-way learning process - me learning from them and vice-versa.  Here's the proof of my learning today: ruay (rich), suay - final sound going down (terrible or bad luck), suay - final sound going up (beautiful) and the secret word which they told me not to tell others (^ _ ^). 

Officially, today was our last meeting for this term because next week they are going to have another special class outside the school and the week after next will already be their Midterm Test for the Second Term so I am wishing them good luck and happy mid-year vacation.



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