Sunday, September 9, 2012

At SM Mall taken last October 2011 during my brief visit in Cebu.
September has come ushering the Christmas season countdown for most of us in the Philippines where the yuletide is season is celebrated the longest. As early as now, houses - small and big alike will start to glitter and shimmer with different Christmas lights while "parols" start to hang outside the windows. And as the Christmas trees arise at the corner of the house, Christmas songs start to fill the air during breakfast time. Ahhh...Christmas time is really more fun in the Philippines. 

For many of us who are living outside the country, thinking about these scenario will even make us feel homesick like never before especially for us who are here in Thailand where Christmas is never celebrated the way we do in our country. But then again, we are left with no other option but to deal with it the best way we can.  So how do we keep the Christmas spirit alive in a Buddhist country like Thailand? Read on.
  • We also keep the tradition of putting up Christmas trees alive in here. The sight of little Christmas trees in our rooms simply remind us that it's the season of joy once again.
  • We may not hear Christmas carols in our malls here, but surely we can have as much of it when we get home. It's just that sometimes, the more you hear them, the more you want to be home. (Sigh...)
  • Last year, we had a caroling activity which was organized to raise funds for the prizes of our Filipino Community Christmas Party. Somehow, it feels like to be home once again doing that familiar house hopping. 
  • We organize Christmas parties complete with "exchanging of gifts" and games to relive the moments we used to have back home. 
It will be the third Christmas here in Thailand and I hope come "Noche Buena" time, I won't end up calling my parents crying because I am spending it alone inside my room. I sound so sentimental now? 

Anyways, here's from Enzo's Point to all of you...

May the coming holidays be filled with joy and blessings as you spend it with your loved ones in flesh or in thoughts. 

Happy BER months everyone!