Sunday, September 30, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner and whether you like it or not it will soon be knocking on your door.  So, have you made your Christmas list already? Kids usually make Christmas wishes during this season but adults like us no longer do that because what we do is the long list of "godchildren" and possible presents we have to give them. It can be confusing actually but internet can be very helpful these days if you want to look for some present ideas. Here follows my list:

Toys - Children are children and they usually don't have anything in mind but to play so they will be delighted to receive one from you. And toys during this time of the year are usually on bargain or on sale so you can also have more for your budget. 

Clothing and Accessories - If your "godchildren" are already teenagers and are no longer into toys so shirts, blouses, dresses, and accessories are the best alternative. Just make sure though that you know their exact sizes or else your present will end up in the cabinet till the next Christmas season or will be handed down to the younger siblings because what you have given is too small for them. 

Books - It can be a very good gift idea for children who love reading. When I was a kid, it was something I have always wished for but I never got. So why not fulfill some of their wishes? They might just want something to read for Christmas.

There are more other things of course. It's our love and our thoughts that matter. We were once kids and we know how exactly how it felt when we opened our presents under our Christmas trees. As for us, we can only wish that there's someone thinking of giving us one just at least we will be able to rekindle that feeling.


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