Monday, August 20, 2012

I've been asked a lot of times why did I prefer to stay in a place six hours away from the glittering capital of Thailand. Bangkok, known as the city of angels, is truly a place to be especially for free-spirited souls who want to seize every moment of the day as the city never sleeps. I admit that I am a "party animal"  and I love the nightlife but with my occasional visits in the city, I realized several things why I still prefer to stay in a smaller city like Phitsanulok than the huge metropolis of Bangkok:

  • Traffic jam is not much a problem in this town even in peak hours. With the schools just around the town, I still manage to arrive in school on time though I start driving from home 15 minutes before my official working time in school. 
  • Because this city is not that congested, I still get the feeling of being at home in the Philippines when I drive around. 
  • The air is still cleaner and I still get to commune with nature at Nan Riverside.
  • Prime commodities here are cheaper.
  • Unlike Bangkok, night life isn't that alive in this town so there's less reason to spend.
  • Malls in Bangkok are really inviting. So, I like it that there is only Central Plaza to hang around during weekends or during after work.
  • It is also an advantage that there are only few native speakers who chose to stay in this place so there's a chance for many Filipinos to be hired in schools with higher salary rate.
Of course, life in Bangkok is also filled with fun and excitement, thrills and frills which is incomparable to a rustic existence but I guess I am already contented of experiencing them once in a while. 


  1. True!

    I never stayed in other provinces so I can't compare. But to say something other than those mentioned, Phitsanulok is perhaps one of the safest provinces in the Kingdom.

  2. I was born and grew up in the center of Manila City. I thought I couldn't escape from it . But I was given the chance to transfer to Cavite and thank God... it's much peaceful here... and like Phitsanulok, it is cheaper here.