Monday, August 13, 2012

Anything done excessively is dangerous. That's what my mother always tells me when I was a kid. I realize it is actually true. Take this for example: There was a time that Plants and Zombies game became such a hit that my students in school don't pay attention anymore because they were just playing the game using their mobile phones. The worst part was during quiz time all they got was a zombie head as in zero. One student even thought of putting up a zombie shopping center to cater the zombie fans. 

This is how these  games can affect their studies that's why parents should monitor their children all the time. They don't even exert effort in doing their assignments at home especially those that require them to write essays. They could have at least check or buy essays online. Not that I recommend it but if they really need to then they should. This might just be a reason to cut their budget so as to lessen their time in games shops. 

These kids need to learn some lessons the hard way. 


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