Thursday, August 9, 2012

When was the last time I actually scribbled a letter for someone?

I can barely remember now. 

Let me do a little rewind from my earlier days as an elementary pupil. Back then, letter writing has always been part of the English curriculum. I started learning the basic formats - heading, salutations, body, closing then signature. Then, there was the proper indention, the correct margin, and the number of spaces from each different parts of the letter.  Next, I learned to develop the skill of choosing the right words appropriate for each kind - Excuse Letter, Friendly Letter and Love Letter. 

It was fun. I have always enjoyed my letter writing activities in school. 

I actually have imbibed the attitude of writing even in high school and until my university years. I have made a number of penfriends through address columns in Health and Home magazines. In school, I liked to send notes to my friends on ordinary days telling them how I value them and that I appreciate their friendship. In the university, I had an "angel" whom I exchanged sweet daily notes with. The thought of receiving something new for each new day made it exciting. 

Believe me, I still have a load of hand-written letters at home. The funny thing is when I read them again, they stir up some emotions that have been long forgotten and they bring back happy memories and some painful, too. 

When was the last time I actually scribbled a letter?

It's been a long time... really.

With the rise of technology, some beautiful things that we used to do have also faded. With this Facebook era, we no longer take time to think about the words we say. We opt for something instant and just send them right there and then. Or better yet, when we get tired of thinking what words to say, we choose to google it and paste them right away. The message was sent but merely letters, no soul, no spirit or whatsoever attached with it for the essence of the message scribbled by someone is found on its grammar flaws and imperfections. That despite the lack of skill in writing, he tries to put his words into a piece of scented paper to make them even more special.

My inbox is always filled with messages everyday but sometimes, I still wish to get a message handed to me from the mailman that reads...

Dear Enzo...


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