Monday, August 27, 2012

Above: Jiro Manio as Magnifico
Below: Brenna Garcia as Apple
There's nothing new to the theme of that latest MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) episode entitled "Cards" aired on August 25 which I viewed via You Tube earlier today. It  would never be MMK when while watching you don't cry a bucket of tears. I would have cried a river if I wasn't in a company of friends.

The story of Apple (starring Brenna Garcia) reminded me of the movie Magnifico (2003) which starred Jiro Manio in the title role supported by a powerful cast of veteran dramatic actors and actresses we have in the country the likes of Lorna Tolentino, Joel Torre and Gloria Romero. As I watched it alone, I had the freedom to cry myself with gusto. I was even sobbing long after the movie was over.  

Apple's and Magnifico's stories, apart from the common tale of typical family struggles against poverty and hardships, they both embody a lot of underlying message to learn. Parents will realize that it will take more than just an ordinary low paying job to raise six children and provide for their basic food, clothing, school needs and others. Children will also get to be reminded that marrying is not at all the right way to escape from family problems and that acquiring a good education is still the best way to escape from a  destitute life. They will also appreciate the unseen efforts that their parents do for them and the unexpressed words of parental love.

Oftentimes, we take our family and friends for granted just because we know they are just there. We really don't appreciate what we have not until we lost them and are no longer at the grasp of our hands for a touch nor even just for a mere glance. It's only then that we get to acknowledge their worth and their value in our lives. Regret is something that is most painful to bear.  

If there is something that I learned from Apple's and Magnifico's stories, that is to appreciate life and to value the people around me. That I need to tell them how I love them while they still can hear it from me.  


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