Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why can't we just build bridges instead of walls?
Heroic? No. Even the most ordinary person can do this if he is willing.

Why can't we settle with the common grounds and set aside our differences?
We were raised in totally different family backgrounds and grew in totally different environment but surely there are some common beliefs we share and similar culture we hold on to. Why not make them as our meeting point and make them as instruments in creating a harmonious relationship with one another?

Why can't we put aside our pride and once and for all offer a peaceful hand shake to those whom we offend or those who offended us?
Of course, this does not only happen one way. Both parties should willingly be in it. Pride is/was/and never will be our friend. It will only cause further rifts. 

Why do we have to be so self-centered that we can't allow others to outsmart or outshine us?
Let's face it, one can never be "Jack of All Trades". We all have our own God-given talents that set us apart from the others. Let's give others their chance to shine. In no time, you will have yours. Just remember to take a graceful exit when you need to, people might just get bored when you'll stay too long on stage. 

Why are we so quick to judge others for what they can't do or aren't good at? 
Just because we want others to know that we are better than them? Let them be the judge. Nobody likes people who sing their own praises.

Why are we so divided when there only so few of us?
That maybe is the reason why our country is divided in many different islands because we can't really be united as one. It won't even happen even with just a few number. 

Why does religion have to be our number one divisor when in fact we - Christians, read the same  Bible and worship the same God?

And then we call ourselves Christians...Missionaries...