Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's NSPC (National School's Press Conference) season once again in the Philippines. It's the culmination of the year-long sharpening of the pens of the budding campus journalists in the country. Ah...the most awaited moment for both the teachers and the students. For one, because it's an opportunity to travel and momentarily escape the endless paper works in school and because there's this hope for every delegate that at the end of the event that he/she will bring back home the laurels that he/she aims for.  

As for the School Paper Advisers, they already had their moments and my good friend and partner in this arena for years before I decided to move here in Thailand just had his moment in the Awarding of the Outstanding School Paper Advisers (Elementary) few hours earlier at Puerto Princesa, Palawan, this year's host city for this annual event.    

Junar: Outstanding School Paper Adviser 2012
Among the recipients of this prestigious title he was singled out to deliver a response representing all the awardees from all the regions of the country. Here's an excerpt of his speech:
I would like to encourage everyone around here to dream big dreams because once we do all the universe will conspire to make those dreams happen in God's perfect time. 
To my fellow advisers, being here on this stage is not the end of it all. We still have a long way to go. And if I may, to the young journalists, keep the love of journalism burning in your hearts that you may soon become big in whatever field you choose may it be in the real field of journalism or in the teaching arena. 
I would like to share this prestigious award to my family who are the wind beneath my wings, to my students who have been so attentive and interested to learn the craft I share with them. My grateful acknowledgement to my immediate superiors in the division of Butuan City, Mam Dina and Mam Angie and in the regional office of Caraga Region, Dr. Isidro M. Biol, Jr. To my counterpart in the school paper, Lorenzo (that's me... :)). To my PAESPA, RESPAA and BCSPAA and of course my Enfant Cheri family, I’m so grateful for the trust and inspiration you have bestowed upon me. As words are not enough to express what I truly feels, in my humblest way , I would like to share this trophy with you.
Junar P. Lasaca
Outstanding School Paper Adviser 2012
Caraga Region
Circle of Winners: Maam Dina (Div. Journalism Coor. ), Junar (OSPA -2012), Maam Angie (OSPA - 2011,
Maam Amy (OSPA - 2009, Sir Joseph (OSPA - 2008)

I could have delivered the same speech two years ago in the NSPC 2010 at Tagum City but the privilege wasn't on me but I'm sure that those mixed emotions I felt during that memorable night was everything that Junar went through last night.   

Congratulations my friend. You owe me a treat when I get home. 


  1. oh, yeah.. party.. party.... :-) Congrats once again dong Junar!

  2. Congratulations, Sir! The country need more people like you. Keep it up because you sure inspired many.


  3. Congrats to your friend .I thought he is a high school student so i look and read closely at baka magkamali ng comment.

  4. Wow, congratulations to your friend! I enjoyed reading the excerpt of his speech -- very inspiring! More power to him on his teaching journey! God bless! :-)

  5. "I would like to encourage everyone around here to dream big dreams" - I agree with your friend. Congratulations to him!

  6. Great to know someone who doesn't have crab mentality - but otherwise! Happy to read this! We should have more stories like this- uplifting, encouraging and proud to be a friend! Congratulations! I know his success is your success too! Kudos!

  7. Junar P. lasacaMonday, April 16, 2012

    salamat kaau dong... mag unsa kaha ko kung wala ka... love you dong...

  8. Nice tribute. hehe
    Ikaw na ang tanan KUYASIR/KIK!

  9. So proud of you! Salamat nagkaila ta, Kik! Hehehe
    Salamat sad kay Kuya Enzo for introducing you in my life. Istorya ra ni huh? :p