Sunday, March 18, 2012

One of the joys in our lives is knowing that we have friends/sisters who are there anytime we need them. I'm glad that you have always been a (little) sister and a friend dear Kate. You are not growing any older, you are just adding another year to an already beautiful life you and your family have created. 

Loving Life!

And if I may...I'd like to list 10 reasons why you and I clicked despite that you are way "older" than

1. because you are a BEAUTY QUEEN and i am... i mean a KING...(weee...)
2. because i am a dancer and you are...
3. because you love to write and i do...
4. because i love to talk and you do...
5. because we both share the BEST ACTOR/ACTRESS trophy for KUYA Don's ( Carlos Lozada Clase) Lenten Season Award Giving Body.
6. because you have become a camera buff which i believe i have too...
7. because every time we talk it's just as if we just continued a conversation that seem to happen yesterday when in fact, it happened some years ago pa...
8. because we share the same level of enthusiasm (?)...sure na!
9. because our plans just coincide right away!
10. and because i have yet to do a hosting job on your wedding anniversary that's why you can't afford to lose me...(lol...)

remember who started this tradition of list thingy? Erika Fukuda...thanks to her...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY....hugs and kisses! 

Greetings from Enzo's Point, TripZone and Overflowing less! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Kate :) More blessings to come

  2. Awww, another Pisces sistah! Happy Birthday, Kate!