Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Living on the Edge
Jordan B. Bandojo

In the province where the
Emaciated stem lives,
I remember...
The cockerel's crow
That wakes me up at dawn:
No alarm, no busy sound.

The quacking of the ducks 
givea me a special vigor,
Watching them bathe in the rain.
No hot or cold shower 
Only a pail of water 
Hauled from the well.

No telephone to ring
Only an echo bouncing off the mountain.
No A/C which cools
Only the blow of open air
No oven for heat 
Only wood to gather.
No TV to watch 
Only stars at night
No car to drive
Only carabao's sleigh to ride.

No buffet at a table meal
Only Father's sermon advocating us to avoid a morsel
No entertainment
No electronic laughter.

The joy in Mother's tear.

The Poet:

Jordan B. Bandojo is a high school classmate and a very good friend of mine until now. We both grow up in the countryside thus the inspiration of this poem. As a DOST scholar, he went to the University of San Carlos, Cebu and finished a degree in Bachelor of Science in Physics. Presently, he works as manager in one the top call center companies in the Philippines and in the midst of his busy schedule, he finds time to be a father to his kids and writes poetry, too.  

 - - -
Thank you my friend for sharing this beautiful poem here in Enzo's Point. 


  1. What a beautiful poem is this. Lovely! I love it.
    Only carabao's sleigh to ride. - I miss this. I can't remember when was the last time I sledged. Most probably more than 20 years. Hahahaha

  2. Such a lovely poem! Na-feel ko ang serenity sa mga lines niya. Naappreciate ko lalo ang mga simple pleasures of life. =)

  3. great poem and view too thanks

  4. Nice poem! I think your friend should write more poems. I envy him 'coz I don't know if there's a poet in me :D

  5. this is really good. you should join competitions or write songs or contribute poems online! :)

  6. very nice poem!! and i can relate too.i lived in the province until i was 9 and have thousands of ducks to wake up to in the morning. it made me reminisce the good times getting all the eggs and filling my basket ahead of my brothers!

  7. ang ganda ng poem.simple life is not for everybody. i like a simple ,living in the country side with only trees and animals surroundings life as long as i have electricity,telephone ,cable and internet.

  8. beautiful! back to basics... back to real life!:)

  9. parang namiss ko tuloy ang Agusan neto..mmmmm..makauwi nga this Holy Week!

  10. This made me feel nostalgic! Thanks to your friend! :D

  11. a nice place to stay, when you want to take a break on the busy city life... thanks for the poem. Yahweh bless.

  12. I just missed those things, so basic. The poem looks so simple with the words used but the real meaning is so deep. It really has a great impact. Napaka-nostalgic, kumukurot sa damdamin. Ganda. Nice!

  13. A true reflection of what a provincial life was before, a poem is written by prolific poet like Jordan. Keep on writing more poems Jordan to express your thoughts, your experiences, and many more.

  14. that's why i love country living...away from all modern distractions.

  15. nice poem!
    how i wish to live in the province but my parents grew up in Manila and i practically know nothing about life out there until i marry my husband who was born in camiling,tarlac.