Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Valedictory Address

Life is like a roller coaster. My classmates would always hear me say that every time they complain about something. Well, it really is. Life can be like a roller coaster. It is filled with so many exciting twists and turns. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. We really don’t know what is yet to come. People scream, people shout. Others cry, others laugh. No matter how hard this ride seems to be, we just have to get through it all.

You don't have to be great to start; instead, you have to start to be great. This is the story of my life. Way back in Preschool days, I was such a timid girl but eventually I came out from my shell as I stepped in Grade School. Little by little, I strived even harder to excel in my educational aspirations. From Batch 2008’s 2nd Honors, I now stand proudly in front of you as Batch 2012’s 1st Honors.

First and foremost, we have so much to be grateful for to our God Almighty for showering bountiful blessings upon us. One of these is the honor to be a student of Enfant Cheri. In this institution, we have received exceptional education. As they say, school is our second home. Enfant Cheri has done truly well in molding us to become better individuals. We have learned to become Cheerful, Helpful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Industrious, Amiable and Nimble. Thanks to our dynamic administrators and teachers, we are now prepared to move on and ready to take whatever challenges come next in our lives. I’d like to personally thank all my teacher-advisers for the past 14 years: T. Rose, T. Nelly, T. Vivian, T. Flora, T. Jinky, T. Reggie, T. Junar, T. Joel, T. Faith, T. Lyzyl, T. Vildon and T. Jimuel. I am not what and who I am today if not because of you, my dear mentors. To T. Vildon, T. Rudiard, T. Von, T. Apple, T. Junar and most especially to T. Lorenzo, thank you so much for believing in me. You have played a big part in my life as my incredible coaches throughout the different competitions I’ve joined in the field of Journalism, Public Speaking, Science and Mathematics. I am truly blessed to have all of you around. Thank you so much!

"I am not what and who I am today if not because of you, my dear mentors. To T. Vildon, T. Rudiard, T. Von, T. Apple, T. Junar and most especially to T. Lorenzo, thank you so much for believing in me. You have played a big part in my life as my incredible coaches throughout the different competitions I’ve joined in the field of Journalism, Public Speaking, Science and Mathematics."

Amongst all our life’s treasures, our family is the most precious one. Within the past four years filled with glee and some sorrowful moments, it is good to know that we had our families by our side, supporting and guiding us along the way. We owe a lot especially to our beloved parents. We would not be here today without you, our dear parents. May we take this chance to express our sincerest gratitude for all the sacrifices you have made to give us the best of everything. Even with our littlest success, we hope that we are able to make you proud. For four years they have been giving us their most resounding applause every time we climb on stage. It is time to pay tribute. At this juncture, I would like to request all my fellow graduates to please stand, turn back and let’s give our beloved parents the loudest applause that we can give them. 

Fourteen years. That’s how long I’ve been here in Enfant Cheri. I just can’t believe that it’s about to end. Some of us have practically grown up together in Enfant Cheri from Preschool up to our Senior Year. Memories are infinite, and so are the stories to tell. We then realize that we can be thankful for each other. The friendships that we have made here will last a lifetime and in the same way we have helped each other to survive those four years in High School. I do hope that we will continue to be there for each other in our future ventures.

As we leave the doorsills of our Alma matter, today's achievements may fade or even be forgotten. The applause may become a distant memory and your certificates and medals may gather dust on a shelf or in a drawer. Fellow graduates, this is only the beginning. Something even bigger awaits us. We now have to bear in mind that we should aim to finish college in any field we choose. This is not only to secure our future but most especially to make our parents proud and happy. We should not waste the opportunity that our parents are giving us in our educational endeavors. Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

So fellow graduates, dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. Life is the sum of all your choices. Carpe diem Olympians! Congratulations and God bless us all.

Khristine Dee L. Montenegro
Class First Honors, Gold Medalist
Enfant Cheri Study Centre, Inc.- High School
Butuan City
Class of 2012

About KD:

Khristine Dee L. Montenegro is what I call an A+ student. She is a talented dancer and singer, a winning orator, a winning actress and a winning writer. Proof is, she will be joining the National Press Conference 2012 in Puerto Princesa, Palawan in April. To top all these, KD marched today as the Class Valedictorian at ECSCI - High School in Butuan City.

A Note to the Olympians: 

You have finally made it to this day and I join the rest of your proud family in celebrating this momentous day of your lives. My warmest felicitations to you all. The Olympians, Joshua, DanielBrian, Renz, Symon, Conrad, James, Sharry, KD, Claire, Rigel and Tina, I am excited to see you explore the world as a young adults. May you be blessed more and more by our Almighty God and may HE continue to keep you under HIS loving arms. 

Remember to keep your parents proud wherever you may be. 

Happy Graduation!

Teacher Lorenzo


  1. Kudos to all the teachers who have been part of each students' achievements. God bless!

  2. It is always nice to read pieces like this. It reminds you that there is so much more to life.

  3. True. Congratulations. I also am turning college this june and it will be a long mile, again.

  4. i can remember my school days with this article, i awe of wat i am now with my teachers and co-students.

  5. Congrats dear! The way you strive in school is already a testament of how far you can go in life. You will be successful! =)

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  7. congrats to the graduates!
    the journey has just begun...
    there are so much ahead, fresh start and promising future.

  8. what a well-rounded lady! =) i hope she grows up to be an asset of our country.

  9. Congratulations to all the graduates and to Ms KD!

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    and congrats! :)

  12. congrats to all the graduates. my son is graduating in college and it's one big achievement for him and for us too.

  13. Kudos to all the graduates and to Khristine Dee for a job well done, also congratulation to all the teachers of Ms. Montenegro...

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  16. Congratulations Khristine!!! The whole world rejoices with you!!!