Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am not really much into hamburgers but I just suddenly thought of it when I was driving home this afternoon. Perhaps, my taste buds just got tired of eating the same kind of dinner over and over again so I went on a date with me, myself and I...What could be a more appropriate dining place for someone who craves for hamburger but Mc. Donalds, no less and that double cheese burger just got me full to the brim.   

While feasting on my hamburger meal, my senses told me to give myself a movie treat which I'm glad I did because with it, I officially had bestowed "me" my first 3D movie experience. It was cool.

Solitary dinner and movie date? Why not? I found a list of benefits of spending time alone and I could not help but agree to every word of it.
Benefits of Spending Time Alone 
1. You get to relax.
2. You get things into perspective.
3. You'll enjoy your time with others even more.
4. You'll learn to be independent.
5. You get to do the things you want to do. 
Click this link for more details: Harmonious Living 
Tomorrow is another day with Me, Myself and I for a soothing body massage after an hour grooming session with my barber. Yeah!