Sunday, January 15, 2012

According to the Chinese Calendar, the year 2012 is a year of the Black Water Dragon which means that we expect more water overflowing this year. It further states that as the black dragon is unpredictable and untouchable, we might as well witness  something unexpected things to happen this year. Not that I believe in these kind of stuffs, I just happen to browse on them as these predictions are already part of the new year celebration even for those who aren’t Chinese.

So, what are we to expect in this brand new year? Who knows? Not even those Chinese soothsayers can foretell. The reality is we can only hope for the better if not the best things will come our way because the future is yet to come and it remains to be unseen. The least thing we can do is to prepare for it while we have the time “now”.

The next big question: How do we exactly prepare for the future? Here’s how I see it.
  • Take a job, enjoy it, love it and save for the sunny days and save even more for the rainy days.
  • Make a list of your priorities and by doing so, be wise enough to identify which in the list are needs and which are wants.
  • Identify some investment opportunities and grab them when you’re sure they will give you a fair share of returns.
  • Open an IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement) for convenience at old age.
  • Commit all your plans and goals to the Almighty One who is the disposer of all that your heart desires.
I don’t really know what this year brings but I am positive that great things are on their way and I don’t need a dragon to do that or give some lucky charms for me because I will work to achieve them myself and God will do the rest for me.      


  1. According to the Chinese calendar, I am a Black Water Dragon. Except those who will be born from January 23 of this year to February 9 next year, the living black water dragons will all be senior citizens (60 years old) this year. I personally do not believe Chinese astrology but I do hope that my fellow black water dragons are enjoying their lives as I do.