Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Having been from a three-week vacation in the Philippines makes me lazy all the more. At this point, I feel like staying at home and lay in bed, watch TV or surf the net all day. It seems that I need to make new adjustments with the work routine again. 

It's the downside of having these long breaks. We get used to it and we find it hard to go back to the track because we all like hassle free days wherein we don't think of anything but relax and have fun. And yes, long breaks drain out your money too. The word vacation is synonymous to spending for me and is really a pain in the pocket.  

Still, I have no regrets taking that vacation last month with all the post vacation syndrome I'm having now. I just need little push to keep me back on the road. As for the money matters, I'm drained, yes, but the joy to see my family and friends back home is something that is incomparable and worth spending.

So for now, I need to get back to work...and save for the next holidays.


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