Saturday, November 5, 2011

As we grow older, it's the more that we would like to hold on to the moments of the past when things were less complicated than the present. Those were the hey days when all that matters to most of us are friendships, young loves, parties and for others - school. And if there's one stage of our life that many of us would like to go back, it would be High School for sure because it is in those years that we started to create and develop an identity - a status symbol.

At home in Esperanza
Are these familiar to you? There's the Sporty Group or those students who always get to be excused in the class to do what most students would like to - play basketball, volleyball, tennis, sepak takraw and other sporting fields. How about the "Sosy" Group or those bunch of students who always show-off branded outfits? Then there's the "Astig" Group which create an intimidating image to the rest of the studentry. Of course, the Performers Group will always have a way to get the spotlight especially during school events and the Brainy Group which is likely headed by the most brilliant student in your class and all those who aspire to beat him in the academics.

At the Pegarro's in Laguna
The reason why I suddenly become nostalgic about High School years is because just recently, few of my classmates and I had a mini-reunion during my brief homecoming. The time was too short but it was so much fun bringing back those awkward moments and unforgettable experiences. Fourteen years after graduation is a long time and we have actually changed a lot. Most of my batchmates have already started their own family and are already making significant contributions to the society as career men and women. I could say that ENHS Class of 1997 graduates have already gone far from where we started as shy and timid individuals that we were before.   

At the People's Park in Tagaytay
It feels great to see Jacky, Plinggot, Dondon, Yul, Eden, and Gingging who really made an effort to travel in the middle of a dark and drizzly evening despite the lack of a very good lighting condition just to visit me at home. I am much delighted too that our get-together in Papa Lando and Neneng's home in Laguna was made possible with Jordan, Nino, Riza, Elvin and Boting's presence. It was truly a blast even with a limited number of attendees. I am looking forward to the next reunion and hoping to see more familiar faces.

Thanks Facebook for making a way for us to keep in touch once again.  



  1. i lili lili like your post Yo... although dili ta batchmate, maka relate jud ko sa imo post.. kahilakun ko gamay.. everything seemed so vivid even until now.. mamaeroize pa jud nako hitsura sa skul... sa atung mga nawung.. mga yagit.. hayyy.. missed it a lot

  2. It's nice of you to make this article dedicated to us, your batchmates! We miss you enzo! Jordan